Buy a packaging company in Italy

Buy a packaging company in Italy

M&A advisor Carlo Serroni

If you are interested in buying an Italian company in the packaging sector the CFIE team can help you. We do have experienced M&A advisors in Italy (Carlo Serroni) that are knowledgeable in the packaging sector. We know quite some business owners in the Italian packaging industry that can be open for a sale. Italy represent 5,4% of the world production of packaging with a turnover of about 23,9 Billion and It’s among the top ten countries in the production of packaging. The internal consumption of packaging has decreased in 2014 because of the economic crisis in the manufacturer sector. Packaging in food sector hasn’t been affected by the crisis. Exports have increased with 0.5% whereas imports have decreased with about 3%. Export is basically in Europe 66% the rest is distributed throughout the world with a particular importance in Turkey and North Africa.

Buy a packaging company
in Italy

We give you advice on buying a packaging company in Italy

Main Packaging Industry topics

The industry counts about 7.107 companies and employees about 105.100 people. The production in 2013 has been of 14.500 (t/000) for a value of 29.305 million Euro. Most part of the packaging production is for the food sector. For this reason despite de persisting of the economic crisis there hasn’t been a strong drop in production. 38.5% of the production is for the food sector, 34.2% is for the beverage sector and 27.3% is no food sector.

Overview Packaging Industry in Italy

Here you find a breakdown of the different packaging markets in Italy

packaging production

Type of packaging companies to buy in Italy

Here an overview of the type of packaging companies you can buy in Italy:

  • Buy a steel lightweight packaging company
  • Buy a steel drums packaging company
  • Buy an aluminium packaging company
  • Buy a board packaging company
  • Buy a rigid containers polylaminates packaging company
  • Buy a wood packaging company
  • Buy a plastic (including bags for solid waste) packaging company
  • Buy a flexible packaging from converter company

Why to buy a Packaging company in Italy?

There are many small and medium size companies that produce very high-end product in the food packaging industry.

  • The geographical position is an advantage to develop the north Africa and South East market.
  • There is a well prepared workforce
  • The global market is still growing and going toward aggregation and concentration.

All these reasons make Italy a very attractive country for investments in packaging sector

Buying a Packaging company in Italy

Our people have strong skills on how to buy a packaging company in Italy. Our people have worked in this sector and have contacts to many local Italian business owners. Our differentiator is the understanding of the industry in Italy. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to acquire a company in Italy. We can tell you all about the opportunities that exist to buy a packaging company in Italy.