Buy an ICT company in Italy

Buy an information technology (ICT) company in Italy

If you are interested in buying an information technology (ICT) company in Italy the CFIE team can help you. We do have experienced M&A advisors in Italy that are knowledgeable in the ICT and software industries. We know quite some business owners that can be open for a sale. We focus on acquisitions in the Italian ICT industry. Italy has a large economy and a significant demand for information technology support exists in Italy.

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Italy has the fourth largest ICT sector in Europe after the other main countries in Europe, Germany, the UK and France. The ICT market is expected to grow further as large investments are planned in connecting the South of Italy. In the North ICT investments are focused on developing innovative digital solutions for both public and private players. The large Italian population is open to new technologies which can be seen by an increased usage of smartphone and tablets. The Italian ICT market provides large growth opportunities in both basic ICT infrastructures and innovative ICT solutions. The ICT sector is the fourth largest industry in Italy, employing more than 400 thousand people. The number of ICT companies is estimated to be around 100 thousand.

If you are interested in buying an information technology (ICT) company in Italy we can help you very well. We have experience from previous acquisitions for ICT buyers in Italy. We focus on acquisitions in the ICT industry in the Italian market. Our people know the Italian ICT market very well. Please reach out to us if you want to know more about buying an ICT company in Italy.

Advantages of buying an existing ICT company

Buying an existing ICT business gives you a head start compared to starting a business from scratch. Acquiring an already established company gives you the advantage of getting operations already in place, an existing client base and brand recognition within the market. Consequently, your time to penetrate the market will be much quicker and safer. The main advantages are:

  • Established operations.
  • Relationship already in place with suppliers, distributors and partners.
  • Knowledge of customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Knowledge of regulations and legislation.
  • Brand awareness.

Further, your local team will have a lot of experience directly from the start. This is all practical experience about information technology regulations, clients’ needs and requirements, and any other specific country related items that will give you a large benefit compared to starting up an ICT business of your own in Italy. If you want to read more about the advantages of buying an existing ICT company please go to the general page about advantages of buying an existing business

Main ICT topics in Italy

The Italian ICT market is the Europe's fourth largest market. Despite a low internet penetration in comparison to the rest of Europe, the ICT Italian market looks very attractive due to the increasing investments in digital technologies by companies and the public sector. The Italian ICT market is highly fragmented. Alongside the big international players (i.e. IBM, HP, Cisco, Accenture, etc.) the industry is characterized by the presence of a vast number of SMEs. The sector also shows an increasing trend in outsourcing ICT services due to the companies’ need to streamline their operations in order to focus on their core business and consequently they turn to specialized providers for ICT solutions. Italy is the world's eighth-largest industrial economy, and is Europe's fourth largest market for Information and Communication Technology with about 122k companies and 539k employees. Despite a low internet penetration (58.5% of the population vs 76.5% of the EU average) due mainly to the dichotomy between the relatively industrialized and prosperous north, and the agricultural and less advanced south, the ICT Italian market looks very attractive due to its potential growth as already shown by the current size. The active commitment of the central government and telecommunications network operators to improve and spread speed and connectivity together with the increasing adoption of smartphones are expected to stimulate the ICT spending in the coming years. Companies which operate in the ICT industry usually provide:

  • Consulting services.
  • Infrastructure management solutions.
  • Network management solutions.
  • Cloud computing solutions.
  • Security and data protection solutions.
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions.

The main drivers that are shaping, which are expected to continue in the future, the ICT market in Italy are:

  • Increasing need of communication and collaboration, both at consumer and corporate level.
  • Increasing outsourcing of ICT services, because companies prefer to streamline their operations.
  • Increasing need of business intelligence products and services, both by large companies and SME.
  • Increase of digitalization: large companies, SME and public sector entities are starting digitalizing their operations and offering in order to reduce costs and increase revenue to be more competitive in a more globalized economy.

Why to buy an information technology company in Italy?

The information technology industry in Italy is particularly attractive and offers many investment opportunities. The increasingly importance of the ICT sector in the overall economy and the need to consolidate the industry due to the high fragmentation will fuel acquisitions in the ICT sector. The sector growth will be mainly driven by the increasing ICT investment made by:

  • Large and small companies in order to improve their operational processes to better face the increasing competition.
  • Public sector entities in order to improve their efficiency and consequently reduce public expenditures and stimulate private investments.

This will stimulate the investments in ICT solutions which:

  • Increase the level of communication and collaboration, both internally (such as among different departments) and externally (such as with clients, suppliers and partners).
  • Increase business intelligence in order to improve business performance.

The main sectors which will be affected are:

  • IT consulting services.
  • Network and infrastructure management.
  • Network security and data protection.
  • ERP systems to automate and integrate different business processes.
  • Cloud computing technology.
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions.

Overview software market in Italy

There is a lot of developments in the Italian software industry. The industry offers interesting possibilities for software development and solutions within entertainment, social network and game systems. The Italian software market has revenues of over €5 billion, which is relatively small compared to Germany and France with software revenues of over €17 billion and € 11 billion, respectively. This indicates a growth potential for the Italian software market. Interesting segments in the Italian software market are general business productivity, home use application, vertical applications, database management and operating system software.

Buying an information technology company in Europe

We have a large team of people across Europe with a background in information technology. We have information technology (ICT) M&A experts in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries in Europe. To get our feedback regarding a business purchase of an information technology company in Europe please get in touch with us. Here you can download our M&A in IT presentation to get a better idea of our team and our capabilities in ICT. If you want to buy an ICT company it is wise to read more about buying an ICT company or about buying a software company.

Buying an information technology (ICT) company in Italy

Our people have a background in ICT and have contacts to local ICT business owners. The main differentiator is knowing how to buy an information technology company in Italy. The difference makes our understanding of the information technology industry in Italy. Feel free to contact us for information about buying a business in Italy. The M&A advisors know the ICT industry and speak your language.

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