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Azienda ideale

  • Dimensioni: piccole e medie imprese
  • Entrate: 3-30 M EUR
  • Posizione dell'azienda target: Europa. 
  • Reason for acquisition: The company wants an oncology producer in Europe to expand the company’s operations. 
  • #CFIE PHB091

Overview of an oncology producer company wanted

Questo acquirente sta cercando una nuova acquisizione in Europa. L'azienda è interessata a società di produzione in Europa per espandere le operazioni dell'azienda.  

Profilo (strategia) di un acquirente di un'azienda produttrice di oncologia

A group with more than 25 years of history has an extensive knowledge in oncology area across the world. The company is always developing new manufacturing processes and new drugs, reaching an excellence in innovation. The company has a modern manufacturing plant equipped for production of generics and formulations of oncology treatment. All the plant has GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The group has a great range of products which are exported to many countries worldwide. The company’s goal is to reach out cancer patients across the world.  

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Activities and products of the target oncology producer company

The buyer company is looking for a company operating in the EU. Now the buyer company wants an oncology products producer company to expand their broad range of products and deliver new solutions.  An interesting company to this buyer would be a profitable company with EU standards.

Highlights of oncology producer company buyer

  • L'acquirente è un leader di mercato 
  • Grande gamma di prodotti
  • L'azienda vuole espandere i prodotti
  • Presenza globale

Information about this buyer for an oncology producer company 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this oncology producer company buyer wanted in Europe or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more oncology producer company buyer, please visit the section aziende farmaceutiche cercasi. Per l'azienda di produzione farmaceutica in vendita visitate la sezione aziende farmaceutiche in vendita.

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