Buy a business in Ireland

How to buy an Irish company?

Buy a business in Ireland

The best way to purchase a business in Ireland is done by making use of an Irish M&A advisor who knows about the local business culture in it’s country. When doing business in Ireland it is necessary to have an advisor with a track record in M&A. The strength of the Corporate Finance in Europe team is the combination of in depth knowledge of our core industries combined with geographical knowledge of Ireland. Here we tell you more about the crucial aspects of buying a business in Ireland.For more information about our core industries follow:

Buy an Irish company

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It might be possible that one of the current companies we have in portfolio is of interest to you. Please get in touch to see which companies you can currently buy in Ireland.For Ireland there is special attention for various industries. Some of the industries that we want to mention here in which we are specifically strong in Ireland and where we are able to help you to buy a company are:

Purchase a business in Ireland

Should a M&A advisor know about local habits? If you are an European business owner we bring you a contact person who understands the local situation and habits. Find out in Irish M&A advisors if your preferred advisor is available. Ireland is a country with more than 6 million inhabitants and a GDP of 165M €. The country has shown large economic growth at the end of last century and the beginning of this century. After going through a deep economic recession as various other countries in Europe did it is back on it’s feet again now.

Strong industries in Ireland are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, IT, manufacturing and medical devices. Manufacturing is mainly related to food products, beverages and brewing. The situation has changed drastically since the economic crisis hit and a situation of a depressed economy seemed to persist. However, exports are increasing again which will be the start of a modest economic recovery.

Our people are into the Irish SME world and know all about the developments of medium sized firms in Ireland. We can help you in finding the most suited companies to buy in Ireland. The main selling point that we can bring to the table when helping you to buy a company in Ireland is that our people personally know a large number of business owners within Irish SME businesses in various industries. In this way we can bring you in direct contact to sellers that are possibly suited for you as a buyer.Our M&A associate members perform M&A related services like taxes, legal services, due diligence and valuations to get to a successful deal. Below you find further information on legal and tax related to M&A transactions when buying a company in Ireland.

Legal aspects in M&A when buying an Irish company

Should a M&A advisor be informed about the Legal landscape? Legal aspects are of high importance when buying a business. Your advisor needs to be up to date with the legal framework that applies to M&A transactions in Ireland. Important legal matters are having control of the company you buy in Ireland and being in a position to fully understand the consequences of management agreements for the main directors. CFIE has a vast understanding of the legal surroundings regarding M&A projects in Ireland and has a direct cooperation with legal advisors for specific M&A related legal issues. Check legal aspects of buying a business in Ireland to get further information on this.

Tax aspects in M&A when buying an Irish business

Should a M&A advisor know how tax matters affect a M&A project in Ireland? Tax aspects are important when buying a business especially in Ireland as tax reasons are a main reason for the attractiveness of the country. Your advisor needs to be up to date with the tax framework that applies to M&A transactions in Ireland. It is wise to set-up the acquisition in a tax friendly and well-structured way so you will not get any negative surprises due to tax issues in a later stage. CFIE has good knowledge of tax aspects surroundings M&A projects in Ireland and has a large network of Tax advisors to touch base with for specific M&A related Tax issues. Check tax aspects of buying a business in Ireland to get further information on this topic.

Buy & build

For a buy and build strategy Ireland can be an interesting country. Within the CFIE team of M&A advisors many are experienced in executing this strategy. There a large number of potential add-on targets in Ireland available. For more general information on buy and build please go to buy and build strategy.

M&A in Ireland

Investing in Ireland is quite secure despite the difficult situation in the European Union. CFIE monitors the Irish M&A market continuously to make the best proposition on buying a business in Ireland. Our services are not exclusive for company owners but also for private equity and other investors. Follow recent M&A deals in Ireland for an overview of some Irish cross border M&A transactions with a perspective on the rationale of these acquisitions. Within our blog you will find publications about M&A.

Support with buying a business in Ireland

If you have plans for buying a business in Ireland don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you out on the purchase of an Irish company. Our experienced Irish M&A advisors want to help you with your plans of buying a company in Ireland. For free advice about the perspectives of buying a business in Ireland get in touch now.

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