How to buy a software company in Ireland

How to buy a software company in Ireland?

Differences between buying a software company in Ireland or any other country?
In the end there is not so much difference between buying a software company in Ireland or somewhere else. However, the economic climate for software companies in Ireland is very good. Due to this reason Ireland leads the way in high quality software companies that are available. The Irish Software Association (ISA) is an Association which represents the Digital and Software Technology Sector. The ISA is a membership organisation with over 160 member companies located throughout Ireland. The Association supports software companies across Ireland and provides a good climate for software firms to flourish.

Why to buy a software company in Ireland?

The strong development of the software industry in Ireland is due to various reasons. One is that larger US firms have often established their selves first in Ireland as a way to enter Europe. Further, the Irish Software Association has contributed a lot to provide an uniquely supportive ecosystem within which individual firms can thrive.
Some of the reasons why to buy a software company in Ireland are:
  • Young, skilled workforce: The software sector in Ireland has young and highly skilled workers
  • Education: the state invests in education and research
  • High Research and development: third-level R&D is high
  • Specialist clusters for software development in specific industries: deep sector expertise in a number of specialist areas, including telecommunications, finance, and e-learning exist
  • Existence of larger international software firms: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have their European headquarters in Ireland
  • Cultural advantages
  • Geographic advantages
All these reasons make Ireland a very attractive country for software acquisitions.

Overview of the larger software companies in Ireland

Technology companies and in particular software companies are in a large supply in Ireland. Here an overview of some of the larger software companies that are often active buyers of smaller sized software players:
  • Cúram Software
  • Demonware
  • Fineos
  • Fluid UI
  • IONA Technologies
  • IQuate
  • Libramatic
  • Openet
  • Phorest
  • Sophia Search Limited
  • Statistical Solutions
  • Terminal Four

How to buy a company in general?

The process of buying a company is described very often. There is the technical part as well as the human side of a business sale. In our practice, with European business sales, cross border aspects are important. If you want to read more about the actual steps please go to the process and steps in how to buy a business.

Software in different industries in Ireland

Software is firmly embedded in many important industries in Ireland. Some of these industries include telecommunications, finance, medical and e-learning. Quite a lot of specialist clusters exist. The software industry in Ireland has developed deep expertise in these industries to improve the efficiency in processes. Strong networks of companies within these clusters have ready access to leading-edge university-based R&D, and provide a solid base for future growth and development. Software is improving the processes in many different industries and we see many specific applications for a wide array of industries.

Buying a software company in Europe

We have people with a software background living across many countries in Europe. We have software M&A experts in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and Italy. To get feedback regarding a business purchase of a software company in Europe please get in touch with us. You can also download our M&A in IT presentation.

Buying a software company in Ireland

We have people with strong skills on how to acquire a company in Ireland. Our people have a software background. Once you have read more on how to buy a business in general or have downloaded the information on the buying process we get to the main item on how to buy a software company in Ireland. That is the understanding of the software industry in Ireland. Our people are close to the software companies that exist in Ireland and know the landscape and the valuations. Please get in touch with Dermot Grant if you want to know more about how to acquire a software company in Ireland. Dermot can tell you about the opportunities that exist to buy a software company in Ireland.