Sell your online business

The sale of your internet business

Selling an online company is a delicate process as you need to search for the buyer that sees most strategic value in your company. You need to have experience with previous deals in the online and ICT industry. It is important to have the latest info on current buyers in the markets, the type of online companies these buyers look for and the valuations they pay. When you want to sell your online business you need to be able to find the best buyers. These might not always be the most usual suspects or companies you would expect at first sight. The M&A ICT team of Corporate Finance in Europe helps you to find buyers you would not have thought of and might come from a different angle. The CFIE M&A people have the knowledge to help you in the best way possible with the sale of your online business. We track the deals done in the online and ICT market. If you are interested in an overview of online and ICT deals in the European market please follow this link Recent M&A deals.

Sell your online business

Let us help you with selling your online company

When selling a company

Good preparation for a business sale is important as it increases your chances for a positive outcome. We help you in preparing well for the sale of your internet business. We need to understand the reasons why you want to sell your company and if you want to stay involved or not. It might be possible that you are looking for a strong strategic partner to realize synergies. Alternatively you might want to do something completely different after the sale of your company. These situations could result in very different type of buyers that you require. It is likely that some buyers demand the owner to stay on and run the company for a minimum period of time (mostly one to two years). We help you in the full sales process and negotiate the best outcome for you.

M&A advice in the sale of an online company

The business sale of your online company is an important project. It is crucial that the online company can function well without you after you have sold the business. When you leave your business the structure of the company should be set-up in a way that it keeps on running well without you. The less risks exist the higher the perceived value for an online buyer. A online company is asset light so you normally receive mostly goodwill. This is especially the case when an online company is very successful.

Valuation is always a tricky part and we have seen high valuations occur when selling internet companies. It is important to know what current valuations are in the market. Further, you have to know what value potential buyers put on your company. Hence, one needs to understand the strategy of these buyers, their financials and the synergies they can realize when buying your company. This helps you to understand what the sales price is you can achieve for your company. We also help you to position yourself well and speak to the right European buyers that value your company best. This is what the European Online M&A team of CFIE can bring you.

Online business and ICT companies for sale

If your plans for selling your business are serious you can be listed in the companies for sale in ICT section. We make a concise and anonymous profile that will be approved by you before we post this. Contact us to get your company listed. It might be possible that we have interested buyers already for your company. We know a large number of buyers for online and internet companies. Find out which buyers we are in touch with in business brokers ICT.

Information on M&A advisors for online businesses

If you want to know more about the people in our M&A team for the internet industry please visit our section M&A advisory for the internet industry. You will find further details about M&A advisors in the online industry at M&A advisory internet

Business brokers in ICT

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has large experience in ICT and has a team on the ground to help with business sales and purchases in ICT. Our people have each decades of ICT experience themselves and are able to help with buying and selling ICT companies.

Information on selling an online business

Feel free to contact us for information about buying a business in the online space. We know your industry and speak your language. We know the business buyers that are considering buying an internet business and the ones that are already actively on the market looking for online companies to buy. The advisors of CFIE are here to help you to get the deal done when selling an online or ICT company.