Buy an online business

Buy an internet business

Buying an internet business is an interesting project that has to be approached with good care. An internet business hardly has any assets so you normally pay mostly goodwill when you buy such a type of company. When buying an internet company you have to realize it is build in mostly a relatively short period of time. Hence, the business depends very much on the owner who has build the company. As an internet business growth via acquisitions can be an interesting option. The team of CFIE can help you in buying an internet business that fits your profile.

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How to buy an online business

When buying an online business it is good to have a M&A partner that can give an objective opinion on the possible targets that exist in the market. It helps in the buying process to work directly with someone that you can use as a sparring partner. This improves the quality of your ideas and leads to doing the right acquisition. When buying an online business it is good to understand the market until the last detail. You need to know which companies are out there and which ones are open for an acquisition. You have to determine the synergies for each potential target and describe well how an acquisition would support your strategy when you buy your ideal online business.

Advice in the buying process

When buying an internet company you have to make sure you are talking to the most suited internet company that has the right profile for you. Even if you have already identified a company yourself it makes sense to take a step back and invest a bit more time upfront. This will give you the opportunity to get in touch with a larger array of companies. In this way you might find companies you had not thought of before. Further, you will get the confirmation you speak to the company with the best fit.

The plans of the business owner that sells an internet company are crucial as this person has brought the company to where it is today. Given the high influence of the owner on an online business compared to other industries we suggest to spend a lot of time on the personal relationship with this person. This will help to ensure he or she is fully on board with your plans.

Companies for sale in ICT

The internet segment is a part of the ICT industry with special focus from the CFIE team. If you want to buy an ICT company we can help you all across Europe. Our local M&A advisors on the ground in the various European countries have contacts with a large number of ICT business owners which are open for a sale. If you have serious plans for acquiring a company in ICT please visit the section ICT companies for sale. Maybe there are already companies for sale in our listing that you are interested in. We can also make an anonymous buy side profile for you free of charge and you will be informed if suited opportunities come up.

Business brokers in software

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has large experience in software and has a team on the ground to help with business sales and purchases in software. Our people have decades of software experience themselves and are able to help with buying and selling software companies. For more information follow buying a software company

Information on buying a business

Feel free to contact us for information about buying an internet or online business. We know your industry and speak your language. We know the business owners that are considering selling a company and the ones that are already actively on the market open for a sale. The advisors of CFIE are here to help you to get the deal done when purchasing an internet related company.

Information on M&A advisors for online businesses

If you want to know more about the people in our M&A team for the internet industry please visit our section M&A advisory for the internet industry. You will find further details about M&A advisors in the online industry at M&A advisory internet