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The sale of a German software company

Selling your German software company is an important project. You have to be well prepared before you want to sell your software company. Many owners of German software companies think that the German market is big enough to disregard globalisation. Sometimes these software owners lacks a global mind-set. The German software industry is currently of interest to international buyers. Getting into the German software market is important for international buyers. So you have good chances to sell your software company. On the other hand the German software market is large (around €60 billion annual spend) so there is also a lot of software companies to choose from by these buyers.

Sell a software company

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CFIE German advisors for software business sales

Slogan - Sell a Business in GermanyOur M&A advisors have a long experience in German business sales. Our German software M&A advisors are backed by an European team of software M&A experts. For many years now our advisors are helping German business owners in business sales to German or European buyers. We are in touch with European and US software buyers via the network of Corporate Finance in Europe. Via the CFIE network we get quite some requests of international software companies to buy a software company in Germany. Within Europe or the US there are software buyers with sufficient funds and willing to pay above market multiples for your business. Our focus is on medium and larger size German software firms open for a sale. We can help these software companies that are looking for international buyers. Next to this we also can help local software players in a sale to a domestic software company.The best way of selling a German software company is via a M&A advisor who knows the local German culture and has access to a network of European and international software buyers. Our M&A advisors have good contacts to possible international software buyers for your company and know the local German business habits. Please check our team of German advisors to see who is best suited to help you in the sale of your software company.

How to sell a software business in Germany

Should a M&A advisor know your business and the software industry you operate in?Teamwork is the core competence of the CFIE M&A network. We combine local presence in Germany with in depth industry knowledge of the software market. When we help German clients in selling their software business we always have a local person on the ground working together with European software M&A experts. Being active in software we see international software buyers focus more often on specific industries. We also see that software is applied much more in the processes of many industries. Some industries where software buyers are looking at with a high interest are:

  • Manufacturing (all type of activities)
  • Chemicals
  • Engineering
  • Recycling
  • Power and energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare

When selling your business it is necessary for a M&A advisor to understand your business and industry in depth. If you want to read more about selling a software company in general please go to sell a software company.

Type of buyers for your software business

At Corporate Finance in Europe we focus on international strategic software companies. These buyers can pay the highest value for your software company. They can realize most synergies and have most funds available for acquisitions at the moment when you want to sell your software company. If you want to achieve the highest price for the sale of your company often international buyers are the ideal solution. If your software company is too small to be sold to an international buyer local buyers can be of interest. This can be a MBI (a business sale to an individual from outside the company) or a MBO (a business sale to people from within the company). If your software business has large recurring revenues the interest from any type of buyer will be high. Our German M&A advisors can help you with the sale of your software firm.

The process of selling a company

Sell a business in Germany The process of selling a software company is different from selling a business in a standard industry. We see more and more software firms move to a SaaS model with a lot of recurring revenues. This means long term relationships and more security for a buyer. In the end the result is a higher valuation. You can learn a lot from the general process on how to sell a company. In our daily work, with European business sales, cross border aspects are of high importance. It is good to prepare yourself for a software sale. You can do this by reading more about the steps of selling a company by going to the page of selling a business.

When selling a software business

Timing is important before you start selling a software business in Germany. You will need to prepare your company before the actual process of the sale of your business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your software company. We give you advice if the time to sell is right. We also explain you if there is further improvements to be made to your company. If you plan a sale of your German software business don´t hesitate to contact us.

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