How to buy a pharma company in Germany

The pharma market in Germany

The pharma market in Germany is large which is understandable given the total inhabitants of the country. Around 1000 companies exist of which most companies are medium sized and smaller pharma companies. The total number of people working in the pharma industry in Germany is around 100,000. The total size of the German pharma market is estimated to be around 30 Billion Euro. Annually an amount of 4 Billion Euro is invested in R&D in pharma in Germany. Buying a position into the pharma market in Germany can be useful to be close to new developments in this industry.

Buy a pharma company

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The type of pharma companies to buy in Germany

The pharma landscape is quite diverse in Germany. Many different type of pharma companies can be found in Germany. Our German M&A team is ready to help you find suited pharma companies to buy. Here is an overview of the type of pharma segments we see in Germany:

  • OTC Market
  • Pharmacy market
  • Statuary health insurance
  • Generics market
  • Personalized medicines

Why to buy a pharma company in Germany?

There are various reasons why to buy a pharma company in Germany. Here some examples why Germany is an attractive country to buy a pharma company:

  • High quality pharma companies
  • Good research capabilities
  • World class scientists in health and pharma
  • Large number of world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing

Overview of the larger pharma companies in Germany

Pharma and life sciences companies have a large impact on Germany. Here an overview of some of the German pharma companies that have an important influence of on the pharma landscape locally as well as globally:

  • Bayer
  • Stada
  • Grünenthal GmbH
  • Fresenius
  • Jenapharm
  • Medac
  • Merz Pharma
  • Noxxon Pharma
  • Ratiopharm

How to buy a company

Buy a business in Germany If you want to buy a pharma company it is good to start with an understand of the buying process in general. We want to help you and describe a large number of aspects that are involved in buying a business. This can be about the preparation to the steps involved in the buying process. Further information you will find about buying a company is about the legal part of the buying process. With European business acquisitions cross border aspects are important. Please read more about the preparation when buying a company in buying a business.

Buying a pharma company in Germany

We have people with strong skills on how to acquire a pharma company all across Europe including Germany. Our people are close to the pharma industry and know how to acquire companies in Germany. We understand the pharma landscape in Germany very well. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to buy a pharma company in Germany.