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Entreprise de médias en ligne dans le domaine de la santé à vendre

  • Chiffre d'affaires : < 10 millions d'euros
  • EBITDA : environ 10%
  • Employés : > 50
  • Lieu : Europe occidentale
  • Motif de la vente : les propriétaires souhaitent développer l'entreprise en Europe occidentale et sont donc prêts à discuter avec des investisseurs intéressés
  • #CFIE SON197

Overview of the online healthcare media company in Western Europe for sale

This healthcare media company is a great target for investors that are interested in investing in a niche sector. This enterprise is owned by an aging individual shareholder that wants to sell the company and retire. However, after the sale, the owner can stay for 2 or 3 more years to ensure the takeover is smooth. There are also some minority shareholders represented by other investors that are open to sale as well. The profitability rate is continuously growing due to a change in the business model. The company successfully made the transition from print to digital and from advertising-based revenues to subscriptions. A potential buyer could be a company that has a more traditional approach to the business. Above all, the buyer could benefit from and integrate the new business model from the company for sale.


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Profile (strategy) of the online healthcare media company in Western Europe for sale

The company has around 50 employees and 9 million euros in revenue. However, due to the new set-up, the group should be able to achieve better results. It is a fact that diminishing advertising revenues from pharmaceutical companies are an issue. Changes are necessary because of this decline of more than 75% during the last 10 years. Most of the media competitors have disappeared and for the remaining ones, it is necessary to create new business models. As a result, the company recognized that since revenue from medical doctors represents the main source, this means that subscription revenues, sales of medical books, or CME revenues are of the highest importance. This is a more solid business model but of course, it takes time to establish.
The company is a multimedia group specialized in the field of health. It provides news, and professional information and organizes conferences and events for the healthcare sector. The target groups are doctors and medical staff.  Primarily, these are B2B clients that pay monthly/yearly subscriptions to the company’s main media platforms. The client base is very large (up to 100,000 professionals and B2B entities), with clients that are interested in the company’s products due to the excellent online presence, niche magazines, and annual congresses.
The company’s focus is providing the necessary support to health professionals for their training taking into consideration the organizational evolutions of the health system, advising healthcare companies, and supporting them with the right audience for promoting their solutions. The company’s editorial team is composed of doctors, editors, designers, technical experts, and communication consultants. The company operates in 5 major activities including press (magazines), digital (online platforms), events, training, and health communication. Some of the target domains are general medicine, primary care, bodily injuries, socio-professional topics, and health insurance. As a result, these activities generate more than 1.8 million page views per month, more than 100 events and training per year, and thousands of participants in e-learning programs.

Activities and services of the online healthcare media company in Western Europe for sale

The company for sale provides events and training, e-learning programs, web series, professional copies and reviews, articles, files, images, videos, and quizzes that are sent to general practitioners and students, expert doctors, houses, and health centers.

Highlights of the online healthcare media company in Western Europe for sale

  • The company is active in healthcare media
  • Provides specific professional content and organizes events for the medical sector
  • Grâce à la transition réussie de l'imprimé vers le numérique et au changement de modèle économique, le taux de rentabilité est en constante augmentation.
  • The owner is quite old and wants to retire, therefore is looking to sell the company

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