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How to buy a Finnish company

The best way to purchase a business in Finland is done by making use of a Finnish M&A advisor who knows about the local business habits and who is up to date with the economic and financial status of his country. When doing business in Finland it is necessary to have an advisor with a track record in M&A. Here you can see the following cfie references in Finland  The strength of the Corporate Finance in Europe team is the combination of in depth knowledge of our core industries combined with geographical knowledge including speaking the local language. For more information about our core industries follow

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Let us inform you about how to buy a company in Finland

Purchase a business in Finland

Buy a business in Finland

The Finnish language may be a hurdle for buying a company in Finland. If you are an European business owner we bring you a contact person who speaks  the native language. Find out in international M&A advisors if your native speaking advisor is available. Our M&A associate members perform M&A related services like taxes, legal, due diligence and valuations to get to a successful deal.

Strong industries for buying a company in Finland are ICT, biotech and telecom. The governmental financials are healthy. Much trade is done with Russia for which Finland can be used as a trading hub. Corruption almost doesn´t exist and Finland welcomes foreign investments and provides an attractive environment for foreign investors.

Buy & build

For a buy and build strategy Finland can be an interesting country. Within the team of M&A advisors many are experienced in executing this strategy. With 26% corporate tax and 22% VAT the taxes for companies are not extremely high. For natural persons the income tax is higher than average in the European Union.

M&A in Finland

Investing in Finland is quite secure despite the difficult situation in the European Union. CFIE monitors the Finnish M&A market continuously to make the best proposition on buying a business in Finland. Our services are not exclusive for company owners but also for private equity and other investors. Follow recent M&A deals in Finland for an overview of some Finnish cross border M&A transactions with a perspective on the rationale of these acquisitions. Within our blog you will find publications about M&A. In M&A articles Finland you find a listing of articles about Finland and subjects related to M&A

If you have plans for buying a business in Finland don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you out on the purchase of a Finnish company.