Businesses for sale in Estonia

Estonian companies for sale

We have several businesses for sale in our Estonian business brokerage. In this section some of these businesses for sale in Estonia can be found. For personal or strategic reasons these business owners are open to talk about a sale. For reasons of confidentiality it is not possible to list all the Estonian companies for sale. Feel free to inform about other Estonian businesses for sale. If the strategic rational matches between your requirements and the profile of the businesses listed a M&A deal migt be possible. Estonian businesses for sale can be found in the listing below. If you are an Estonian business owner and you are open for a (partial) business sale you can contact us for help on the sale of your company. We can list your Estonian business for sale. Get in touch to find out more about our M&A services in the area of business sales.

Companies for sale Estonia

Chemicals business for sale Manufacturer of patented chemical liquids is open for a business sale

Location: The Baltics (Estonia)
Revenue: 300K Euro
More about this chemicals business for sale

Clothing retail chain for sale in Estonia

located; Estonia
size; 1m - 5m Euro
more about this company for sale in children and women clothes

Hotel and SPA project looking for strategic buyer

located; Estonia
size; > 10 m euro revenue
more about this Estonian hotel for sale

Road construction company for sale in Estonia

located; Estonia
size; 5m - 10m euro
more about this road construction business for sale in Estonia

Equipment wholesale company for sale in Estonia

located: Estonia
size: >10m euro revenue
more details about this Estonian agriculture wholesale company for sale.

Shopping centre for sale in Estonia

located: Estonia
size: >10m euro revenue
more details about this Estonian shopping centre for sale.

Floricultural companies for sale in Estonia

#CFIE 45-001
located: Estonia
size: 5m - 10m euro revenue