Empresa para comprar

  • Tamaño: cualquier tamaño de empresa
  • Ingresos: 5-50 millones de euros
  • La ubicación preferida del objetivo: Europa, preferentemente países de la UE
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of this large company does not have a strong presence in Europe, therefore the management decided to acquire a company that has access to the European HVAC market
  • #CFIE MAB148

Overview of this buyer for a refrigeration parts manufacturer

A company under a large conglomerate with a multibillion-dollar revenue is looking for an acquisition in Europe in order to gain access to a customer base in Europe. The buyer is willing to start the acquisition process immediately after finding a suitable target. The financing is secured by the mother company. 

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for an HVAC parts manufacturer in Europe

This buyer is a large mechanical and industrial engineering company, specialized in consultations and manufacturing of valves and fittings. The buyer is a part of a larger industrial group, with one branch specialized in HVAC and refrigeration solutions.

The buyer group has a long history and during its existence, it has grown into one of the industry leaders. Currently, they are looking at Europe in order to find a suitable company to acquire.

The buyer is able to bring synergies to the target, for example, offshore manufacturing expertise, well-known brand name, and the possibility the add the buyer’s products to the target company’s existing line to sell more to the current clients. The buyer is also able to provide sales team support and financial support to grow. The buyer has already analyzed some targets in Europe, however they did not decide to acquire any yet. 

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Actividades y productos del objetivo ideal

The buyer is looking for a company active in HVAC and industrial refrigeration sector. The best potential company would be a manufacturer of refrigeration parts with a customer base in Europe (and elsewhere). Another option is a target company, that is an importer of parts for the HVAC and refrigeration market in Europe.  

An importer of refrigeration technology that distributes to wholesalers is an option too.  However, the buyer will not be interested in a distributor who sells to the public or contractors/installers. In another world, only importers and manufacturers will be considered.

An ideal target would have an EBITDA level at around 1 – 4 million EUR a year. It is needed that the target has a stable customer network, good track record and extensive knowledge of the local HVAC market. The target company needs to show consistent growth and an opportunity to continue in this trend.

Geographically, the buyer is open to any of the European countries, however, Western Europe will be preferred.

Highlights of this buyer for a refrigeration parts company in Europe

  • The buyer is a large conglomerate considering multiple acquisition opportunities in European countries in order to establish a presence there
  • The buyer is looking for a stable, independent and growing HVAC/refrigeration parts manufacturer with above 1 million EUR EBITDA
  • The targets would have an opportunity to get financial and personal support after the transaction and an opportunity to radically enhance its offered product range

Information about this buyer for a refrigeration parts manufacturer/importer

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