Empresa para comprar

  • Tamaño: cualquier tamaño de empresa
  • Ingresos: 5 - 50 millones de euros
  • Ubicación preferida del objetivo: toda Europa
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of this distribution company wants to expand its operations in the region and production volume
  • #CFIE CHB064

Overview of this buyer for an industrial adhesives manufacturer in Europe

The management of one of the leading companies in its sector in Europe, specialized in the field of adhesives production, started looking for a successful smaller adhesives company from the region. The buyer is backed up by a strong Western European private equity fund, therefore they are capable of even large acquisitions. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this buyer and its acquisition intentions.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for industrial adhesives producers

The buyer is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives operating in the European region. The adhesives manufactured by the company have multiple uses, e.g. in automotive, media, industry, food, manufacturing etc. The company is specialized in high-volume production. 

The company as established in the 1970s, therefore it has a broad experience and market share on industrial adhesives market. The company has one production and R&D location in Western Europe. The facilities include production mixers with high capacity and a laboratory with more than 30 years of experience in making tailor-made adhesives.

However, the buyer wants to expand and buy other production facilities in the near future, or acquire a company with its own production hall.

The company wants to grow more quickly and take more of the market in Europe. That is also one of the reasons the management decided to look at possible acquisition options. The company managers are ready to start the acquisition project, right after a suitable target occurs. The financing would be covered with the help of a parent company, a private equity fund with good financial strength.

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Actividades y productos del objetivo

As a part of its growth strategy, the buyer company is looking for a well established industrial adhesives manufacturer with its production facility somewhere in Europe. 

The application range for adhesives made by this buyer includes applications in:

  • Construcción
  • Bookbinding
  • Automoción
  • Paper and cardboard processing
  • Envasado de alimentos
  • Etiquetado
  • Madera
  • Furniture etc.

El comprador quiere que el objetivo se dedique a abastecer el mismo sector industrial o parte del mismo que el comprador.

The target can have between 5 – 50 million EUR of revenue and should be financially stable to be interesting for the buyer. The buyer can bring expertise and further knowledge to the target and provide support in its business.

Highlights of this industrial adhesives manufacturer buyer

  • The buyer is a successful Western European industrial adhesives manufacturer
  • The buyer is looking for a target with its own client portfolio and production facilities
  • The target should be financially healthy and preferably have a well-established market position in its home country

Information about this buyer of an industrial adhesives manufacturer in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of European industrial adhesives companies or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more chemical company buyers, visit the section se buscan empresas químicas en nuestra página. Para más empresas químicas en venta, visite la sección sección empresas químicas en venta.

Más información buyer for an industrial adhesives manufacturer in europe

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