IT recruitment company in Europe to buy 

  • Ingresos: 2-10 millones de euros
  • Empleados: no son decisivos
  • Ubicación del objetivo: Europa 
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is a European IT recruitment company. It has a strategy for growing its operations in Europe via acquisitions, therefore the management is open to speaking to interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITB143

Overview of the Buy an IT recruitment company in Europe  

The buyer is a mid-size recruitment company, an employment agency from Europe that is looking for companies activating in IT staffing & IT services. The enterprise was created as a response to the market demands for a better recruitment process: more effective, more flexible and tailored to the client’s organizational needs. The operational goal is to offer high-quality recruitment and employment of personal services to clients from various business sectors. The buyer organization is very profitable, continuously growing and has planned to expand its operations by acquiring and IT recruitment company in Europe. The amount available is ensured from own resources and possibly from banking loans (depending on the size of the deal). The target company should be located in Europe and should be active in IT services and recruitment (software/security/services/recruitment/staffing). The target size ranges between 2-10M Euro. There is not a special demand for certain profit rate, however, the target company should be profitable and with a solid portfolio of clients. As possible synergies to bring to the target can be mentioned the international experience and the specialized services in IT recruitment.

Profile (strategy) of the Buy an IT recruitment company in Europe  

The buyer has a team with extensive competencies in staffing and recruiting and is able to guide the client through the complexities of the hiring process. In an economic environment focused more than ever in IT skills and services, hiring the right candidate describes a successful mission that can determine the future of the business. The buyer company has set its business goals in a way that it can represent a transformation in the industry. The organization has a long presence on the market, its demonstrated experience allowed the company to develop unique and efficient business processes. Being an extension to the client’s HR department, the team performs tasks such as candidates’ sourcing, skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing and recruiting of potential applicants for the open job positions. The goal is to determine the customer to continue in the business relationship for life and to convince each consultant to remain in the company.
The company is specialized in outsourcing activities, it provides consulting services in full scaled outsourced projects. Organizations are able to lower their costs associated with recruitment and maximize their general return and productivity by outsourcing their non-core functions. Letting a specialist to cover topics that are not in the main business activity is a successful strategy, the outcome is at a higher level and the business will have the benefit of economical scale and of a better allocation of resources. The recruitment team has specialized skills in coordinating interviews, conducting the negotiation process and in job follow ups. In order to be able to always provide the best services, the company is doing research and training and pays attention on understanding better the clients’ industry and activity. The staff has a vertical market focus and demonstrates niche skills, fact that helped the company to win the clients’ recognition.
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Activities and products of the IT recruitment target company

The buyer is looking to acquire a company that is specialized in IT recruitment and that provides services such as:
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Organizing Interviews
  • Consultoría
  • Offer Negotiating

Highlights of the Buy an IT recruitment company in Europe  

  • The buyer is an international staff recruitment firm
  • The company has a long time experience in the market
  • The management has decided to buy expand the business in Europe by doing acquisitions
  • The target company has to be active in providing IT recruitment services 

Information of this Buy an IT recruitment company in Europe  

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Más información buy an it recruitment company in europe

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