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The sale of a company in Denmark

Sell your Danish businessWhen you are planning on selling your company in Denmark it is important to prepare yourself well. In this article we try to help you by giving an overview of the items that are important when selling your Danish company. We give an impression of the possible type of buyers, the people that can help in the process of a business sale and the costs of selling your Danish business. Further, there is some info on how to prepare yourself in the process of selling your company and the way we can help you here. If you want to discuss some specifics or have some questions regarding your own business please do get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your Danish company.

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How to sell a business in Denmark

Should a M&A advisor know your industry?Teamwork and industry knowledge is the core competence of the CFIE M&A network. We combine geographical with in depth industry knowledge. We have advisors with knowledge of a large number of niche industries. Next to the advisor who speaks your local language you can chose a M&A advisor with a strong background in your industry. When we help clients in selling their business we always have a local person on the ground working together with an industry M&A expert. These advisors that help you to sell your business in Denmark are being backed up by an European team of more than 50 M&A advisors that know possible buyers for your business.

How to prepare when selling your company in Denmark?

Timing is important before you start selling a business in Denmark. You will need to prepare your company before you start the actual process of the sale of your business. You will have to clean up your legal structure so you increase the chances of actually selling your company. You also have to ensure the company can run without you once it is sold to a buyer. For a detailed overview of the items you need to prepare when selling your company check here.

Type of buyers for your Danish company for sale

Selling your business is an important decision after you put in a lot of time and effort to make your company stand out. Motives to sell your company can have personal or strategic reasons. In the case of a lack of successors in a family business a MBO might be a solution as the company stays in the hands of people close to the family. Such a business sale can be achieved by working with a Danish M&A advisor. If you want to optimize price it is mostly better to sell to a strategic buyer. A sale doesn´t necessarily mean selling the whole company, the sale can also be regarding a minority or majority stake in the company shares. Please check here if you want to have a detailed overview of the different type of buyers for your company.The bigger the reach, the better the price? Within Europe there are buyers with large funds and willing to pay a good value for your business. For the sale of your business cross border M&A is the key to get a better price. Cross border M&A can help to get a good price for the sale of your business. Cross border M&A is not only suited for large multinationals but also for companies with revenues from 5m euro and more. Many European buyers are interested to enter the Danish market with its high income consumers. These European companies can be the buyer of your company.

Who are the possible type of people to help you in a business sale?

In practice we see many different ways of how people sell their company. We also see many different type of advisors. The question who is going to sell your company is an important one. Sometimes people decide to do this their selves, via their lawyer, via a friend, with support of the bookkeeper or via an experienced M&A advisor. We think it is wise to use an experienced person who works on business sales on a daily basis. Here we give you a detailed overview of the possible advisors people use in practice to sell their company.

Is it expensive to sell your company in Denmark?

It is important to get a good idea of the costs of selling your company in Denmark. On the one hand it is important to take a good look at the costs of a business, but on the other hand it is also important to get a clear idea of the services that will be delivered and the background of the advisors involved. We are not only looking at the actual ‘out of pocket’ costs but consider the costs in a much broader perspective. Selling a company is selling your life work. Hence, the process needs to be executed in the right way. What are the costs if you talk or sell to the wrong buyer and end up with no sale? Alternatively, if you have difficulty in receiving future payments (earn out) related to the sale of your business the costs of a business sale are high. Please read further here if you want to know more about the costs of a business sale. If you want us to make a proposal for the sale of your business please do get in touch.

Businesses wanted in Denmark (current buy mandates)

We do have some clients that are interested in acquiring companies in Denmark. They could be interested in your type of business. These buyers are interested in buying companies in Denmark. In Businesses wanted Denmark you can find out if we have a possible buyer for your business for sale.

Advice on m&a

The CFIE M&A advisors will assist you with the sale of your company. Discuss your plans with a team of professionals or select your preferred consultant in international M&A advisors

When selling a business

If you plan a sale of your Danish business don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your company. We give you free advice if the time to sell is right for you. We are also able to point you to possible interested buyers for your Danish business for sale.