Buy a forwarding business in Denmark

How to buy a Danish forwarding company

The best way to purchase a forwarding business in Denmark is done by making use of a Danish CFIE M&A advisor who knows the Danish forwarding industry. Further, our M&A advisors that can help you to buy a company know about the local business habits. When doing business in Denmark it is necessary to have an advisor with a track record in M&A. The strength of the Corporate Finance in Europe team is the combination of in depth knowledge of the forwarding industries combined with geographical knowledge of Denmark including speaking the local language.
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Purchase a forwarding business in Denmark

There is still a lot of opportunities to buy a good forwarding company in Denmark. Our M&A people are in touch with the local forwarding company owners and know which owners are open for a sale if the right buyer comes along.
Forwarding companies in Denmark can be separated in the following categories:
  • Road forwarding
  • Sea (or ocean) forwarding
  • Air forwarding
Our M&A advisor in the Danish forwarding industry knows which companies to acquire. Finn Laursen can help you to buy the forwarding company that fits you best.

  • Road forwarding buying opportunities in Denmark
In road forwarding in Denmark still many opportunities exist. Owners of road forwarding companies that reach the retirement age are open to discuss a business sale. This is mostly international road forwarding with European freight (full loads/parts loads and groupage). There are many small (5-15 employees) and middle size (16-50 employees) companies where some of them possess a composed logistics operations or warehouse. They all know if they would make a quick sale, they can go to the big “integrators/forwarders”, but they also know if they sell to one of these, their companies that that they have worked for during many years, with “blood sweet and tears”, will be split to atoms, and there trusted people will often leave the company within a short time. They know of course that when they will sell their road forwarding company the name of the company will be chance to the buyer’s name. They can accept this but still would like to see some of their “life’s work” to remain after they have sold the road forwarding company.
  • Sea (ocean) forwarding buying opportunities in Denmark
Sea freight/NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers) are mainly operated by shipping agencies. These sea freight forwarders are very limited numbers today in Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway because many shipping lines opened up their own company. Those who are left over and are still independent have very personal relationships with the ship owners. We have the contacts to the owners of these ocean freight forwarders business and are able to help you to acquire such a company if you want to come in from the outside. For business owners selling we have value in doing a deal and knowing which multiples can be paid by buyers so you get the best price for your company. If you do any acquisition we can also help you to ensure you get as much value as possible with you when the owner leaves his old company.
Airfreight and Sea freight forwarding are normal run in the same company, as this is the same type of clients that they are going for. There are some big ones, and a numbers of small ones. Here again we have the same kind of owners, like in the Road freight marked. They still want to see their baby being alive after they have left the company, even if that means the name has changed.
  • Air forwarding buying opportunities in Denmark
It is possible to find forwarding companies for sale in the Scandinavian market, as long as you do it in the right way, and be gentle and show business owners the advances of selling their company. Here we can help you to do this in a gently way. We can find companies where the owners would reject you, if you go directly to them. With our help and a good story they will listen to us. It is important that when/if you give a mandate to us, that you do not at the same time, try to find someone yourself as this can send conflicting stories to the market. This will not help either of us and you have to trust us that we will make a success of your M&A project. If you have some or one specific company that you think could be interesting for you, go to us first, because then you don’t waste your time, and the success rate will “GO UP”!

Valuation expectation of Danish forwarding sellers

Forwarding business owners mostly have relatively high valuation expectations when they want to sell their company. That situation is not different from forwarding owners in other countries. However, when you are a serious buyer still various opportunities exist. At the moment we help you in talking seriously to the right forwarding companies with a good fit, we can explain them what realistic valuations are in the forwarding industry.

Software in the Danish forwarding industry

If you want to buy a software business related to the forwarding industry we can help you very well. Finn Laursen’s background is in software solutions for the forwarding industry and he knows all the relevant software companies that supply solutions to the forwarding industry. Buying a software related business in Denmark is best be done with the support of the CFIE M&A team.

Support with buying a forwarding business in Denmark

If you have plans for buying a forwarding business in Denmark don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you out on the purchase of a Danish forwarding company. For free advice about the perspectives of buying a business in Denmark get in touch now via buy a Danish company.