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Käufer für ein Kunststoffhersteller

Plastics company wanted

  • Company size: Medium-sized company
  • Turnover: Less than 10 million
  • EBITDA: € 1 million
  • Location: Northern Europe
  • #PLB032

Overview of the buyer of a plastics company in Northern Europe

The investor is headquartered in Europe and has been active for more than 30 years. This potential buyer is active in the areas of thermoplastic injection molding, overmolding, plastic overmolding on metal, mold making and 3D design and simulation. This buyer has a mechanical workshop, latest generation machines equipped with microprocessors, automatic feeding systems and robots for removing, reworking and packing. The buyer also carries out post-production activities such as mechanical processing, pressure bonding and assembly, welding, painting, decorating, serigraphy and laser marking. This potential buyer has the experience, personnel, and equipment to supply the finished and finished components ready to be launched in the marketplace. The products manufactured by this buyer have applications in offshore oil fields and pipelines, automotive, engineering, electrical and lighting industries. They want to expand their plastics manufacturing business in Northern Europe through an acquisition.

Profil (Strategie) dieses gesuchten Kunststoffunternehmens in Nordeuropa

Der Käufer sucht nach einer Zielgesellschaft, die hauptsächlich in der Kunststoffproduktion tätig ist. Die Zielgesellschaft sollte aus Nordeuropa stammen. Die Zielgesellschaft sollte über geeignete Qualitätszertifizierungen verfügen. Der Käufer ist flexibel mit der Anzahl der Mitarbeiter. Dank seiner 30-jährigen Geschichte in der Kunststoffbranche kann der Käufer Synergien in der Kunststoffherstellungsexpertise einbringen.

Verkaufen Sie Ihr Kunststoffunternehmen

Informieren Sie sich über den Käufer von Kunststoffunternehmen

  • Das Zielunternehmen sollte in der Kunststoffindustrie tätig sein.
  • Bevorzugte Zielgröße unter 10 MIO € Umsatz.
  • Mittelgroßes Unternehmen in der Kunststoffherstellung gesucht.
  • Das Zielunternehmen sollte geeignete Qualitätszertifikate haben.

More information about this potential buyer for plastics companies in Northern Europe

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this manufacturer of plastic products and the potential buyer that we are looking for in Northern Europe. To verify that your company meets the requirements of this acquirer, please contact us. Our team knows several buyers in Europe and the USA. We can help you find the right investor for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you own a similar business and are looking for an investor.