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Swimmingpool Hersteller in Osteuropa zu verkaufen

Company for sale in plastics

Swimming pool manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale

  • The sales of the company to be sold are less than 10 million euros
  • The swimming pool manufacturer's average EBITDA over the past few years is around 750,000 euros
  • The manufacturing company is based in Eastern Europe
  • The manufacturing company employs around 40 people
  • Reasons to sell: The owner wants to sell to a strategic buyer. The company is not actively promoting a sale in the market, but is interested in speaking to potential buyers.
  • CFIE PLS195
  • The price is over 6 million euros

Overview of the swimming pool manufacturers for sale

The factory for sale is a swimming pool manufacturer in Eastern Europe. The company has been in existence for more than a decade. The manufacturer produces high quality swimming pools of various types. The company has new and modern machines. It recently built a new production hall. This means that production can be increased by 50% per month. The annual turnover is around 8 million euros and is growing. The swimming pool manufacturer for sale has a wide range of engineering equipment to produce high quality swimming pools. The swimming pools produced are sold through dealers throughout Europe and worldwide. With a further investment by the new buyer and a growth of the dealer network, sales can be further expanded. If you are a strategic buyer,

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Swimming pool manufacturer profile (strategy) for sale

The owners of the swimming pool manufacturer in Eastern Europe are open to selling to a strong strategic buyer or investor in the industry. The products made are of high quality and made of fiberglass. The bowl is complemented with a patented ceramic core and additional layers. In this way, the products are resistant to the Central European climatic weather conditions. They also meet the aesthetic requirements of customers with high expectations.

Products of the swimming pool manufacturer

The products that the swimming pool manufacturer offers for sale consist of:
  • Aesthetic swimming pools
  • Baby pool
  • Yacht swimming pools
  • Luxushaus Swimmingpools

Highlights des Swimmingpool Unternehmens zum Verkauf

Der Swimmingpool-Hersteller ist ein ideales Unternehmen für einen größeren Player in der Branche, der seine Fertigungsbasis erweitern möchte. Der Käufer kann auch ein Unternehmen sein, das in ähnlichen Bereichen aktiv ist und in die Swimmingpool-Herstellung eintreten möchte. 

Der Swimmingpool-Hersteller zum Verkauf hat verschiedene Highlights wie:
  • Große Wachstumschance (wächst um mehr als 10% pro Jahr)
  • Neue Fabrik mit neuen Geräten und weiteren Raum für das Wachstum der Produktionsvolumen
  • Die Pools sind gegen aggressive UV-Strahlung geschützt und für Salzwasser geeignet
  • Gutes Vertriebsnetz für Kunden in ganz Europa.
  • Steigende Nachfrage nach Swimmingpools weltweit

Informationen über diesen Swimmingpool-Hersteller zum Verkauf

Please contact us for more information on this pool manufacturer. If this manufacturer doesn't suit your needs, don't hesitate to ask about other manufacturing companies available for sale. For more manufacturing companies for sale, please visit the Manufacturing Companies For Sale section.