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Integrated logistics company in Hungary wanted

- Größe: Mittel oder klein
- Einnahmen EUR: 15 Millionen
- EBITDA: 10%
- Standort des Unternehmens: Ungarn
- Grund für die Übernahme: Unterstützung und Stärkung des integrierten Logistikgeschäfts in Europa
- #CFIE TRB140

Überblick über diesen Käufer für ein integriertes Logistikunternehmen in Ungarn

A large European-based transportation and logistics company is looking forward to optimizing logistics and delivery services in Hungary; it is eager to have packages, pallets, parcels, other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and same and next-day delivery operations under control. An increased presence in Hungary will allow closer relations to key group customers and the possibility to expand its client network; improved access to the more sophisticated global market and the chance to grow an existing network too. The company is interested in well-developed asset-light logistic companies with existing businesses and awareness of requirements of carriage, warehousing, and distribution of FMCG in Europe. The company is a member of a global network of parcels and postal shipping service providers and offers integrated deliveries worldwide. It operates its own warehouses, workshops, hubs, depots, and offices, with hundreds of vehicles, and more than 1000 employees.

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Profile (strategy) of this buyer for an integrated logistics company in Hungary

The buyer is a large logistic service provider company, active in same and next-day delivery services of packages and pallets to most European destinations. The company has a successful history of development and a well-established brand name. In order to optimize delivery services of packages and pallets to key distribution points all over Europe the company’s management has decided to acquire a small or medium asset-light integrated logistic and forwarding company, which is capable of overseeing goods carried by air, sea, road, and rail mainly as partial loads with some part of the cargo in full container loads. The buyer has a planned budget and accumulated funds to finance the acquisition process and invest further in the development of an acquired company.

Aktivitäten eines integrierten Logistikunternehmens in Ungarn gesucht

The buyer is interested in a licensed company specializing in warehousing, and distribution in rail, road, and waterway transportation in European countries, preferably with experience in the field of integrated delivery of FMCG of strong e-commerce retailers. The company wanted should preferably be located and operate close to a cosmopolitan area, near railway terminals, and highways, where most of the main delivery locations are located. In addition to the main activity of road and rail transportation the company wanted, logistic service capabilities are desired; a warehouse in a strategic and convenient location will be an overall advantageous synergy. A company with personnel of around 10-15 professionals would be interesting to consider. The company wanted should preferably operate with a contracted fleet of well-maintained trucks to carry full and less than full truck loads.

Highlights dieses Käufers für ein integriertes Logistikunternehmen in Ungarn gesucht

- Der Käufer ist ein großes, weltweit tätiges, integriertes Logistikunternehmen mit einem stabilen finanziellen Hintergrund.
- Der Käufer ist ein hochwertiges und standardisiertes Unternehmen
- Das zu übernehmende Unternehmen sollte in Ungarn ansässig sein
- Das gesuchte Unternehmen muss auf Lagerhaltung, Vertrieb und Logistik spezialisiert sein.
• An advantage the company wanted would be to own a small warehouse and office premises
- Eigentum oder eine geleaste Flotte von Transporteinheiten ist nicht erforderlich

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