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Allgemeine Informationen über das Unternehmen

  • Größe: Klein
  • Einnahmen: Ungefähr 5 Millionen EUR
  • Employees: Around 40
  • EBITDA: >1 Million EUR
  • Standort: Europa
  • #CFIE AUS056

Overview of this automotive mold maker in Portugal for sale

The subject of sale is a company based in Porto with more than 10 years of history engaged in the manufacture of parts of large dimensions for the aeronautics sector. The company is certified in ISO 9001:2008 and has initiated the process to obtain EN 2100 certification. CFIE is not mandated. If you are an interested buyer please indicate if you are interested in giving a mandate or agreeing to a fee-sharing arrangement with CFIE.

Profile (strategy) of this automotive mold maker in Portugal for sale

The company has more than 10 years of history and is considering a potential sale. The owners are not actively selling but are open to hearing about proposals from strategic buyers that can add value to the company. There is only an interest in strategic buyers where there are clear synergies and a buyer can potentially improve the company.

In line with its strategy, the company will be renewing its standards by passing an audit for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. At the same time, the company is continuing the process to obtain certification for the aeronautics sector. The company has put forward a production process initiative, allowing a 90% reduction in oil consumption and recycling the related shavings from machining in order to gain competitiveness while respecting the environment. Also, the management plans to build a new industrial building of 3,000 sqm to allow an 80% increase in the production capacity of the company. This site will be dedicated to production for the aeronautics market.

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Activities and products of this automotive mold maker in Portugal for sale

The company currently employs approximately 40 employees and provides solutions for milling and screw-cutting, precision CNC, and other machines.

Highlights for this automotive mold maker in Portugal for sale

  • Das Unternehmen blickt auf eine mehr als 10-jährige Geschichte zurück
  • Das Unternehmen ist nach ISO 9001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015 zertifiziert.
  • The company plans to enter the aeronautical market


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