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Eckdaten des Unternehmens

  • Größe: mittelgroßes bis großes Unternehmen
  • Einkünfte: >10M EUR
  • Ort des Ziels: Europa
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer wants to continue growing through acquisitions in Europe
  • #CFIE MAB185

Overview of this buyer for large energy and utilities-oriented companies in Europe

The management of a leading energy & utility solutions provider with a presence in 10+ countries is looking at acquiring high potential UK / European companies in Energy, Utility, Clean Tech and Environment space industry. The target ideally should have revenue exceeding 10M EUR, the management of the buyer is ready to finance acquisitions of a large value.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for large energy and utilities-oriented companies in Europe

The buyer is a very large utility solutions provider with over 150 Million Euro revenues. The company has its business based on consulting, technology, engineering and management services provided to different types of institutions, mainly governments, public-owned companies, or large private businesses. The company mainly provides strategic advisory, leading to increased performance, the efficiency of technology or other improvements. 

The buyer operates in multiple industries, in order of importance:

  • Power industry
  • Water industry
  • Gasindustrie
  • Renewables

The company was established in the 2000s, however, since then, it has grown into a large multinational company with international reach. Currently, the company works in many regions including India, Australia, USA, Europe, Middle-East or Africa.

Due to the company’s continuous growth, the management is looking for a further growth, mainly externally by acquisitions. That is why the company is looking at options in Europe which could suit its development plans. At present, the buyer already has more than 5 subsidiaries in multiple regions of the world, now the company wants to expand its presence in Europe.

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Aktivitäten und Produkte der idealen Zielgruppe dieses Käufers

The buyer is looking for a target company, working in one of the following industries:

  • Energie
  • Utilities
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Wasser
  • Environment
  • Cleantech

The focus of the company should be oriented at providing services or consultancy in the abovementioned areas.

The buyer has extensive funds available for the acquisition, the target can be a middle-sized or large company with revenue 10 – 250M EUR.  The company should be financially stable, strong in the regional market, and have good references. The company should generate positive EBITDA.

The buyer is open to any country of Europe, preferably the company should be from the European Union. The buyer is also open to larger utility, gas or power related company from the UK.

The buyer has finished multiple acquisitions in the recent years and is ready to do more if a suited buyer occurs.

Highlights of the buyer for energy and utility companies

  • The buyer is a large utility and power services company with presence in 10+ countries 
  • The buyer already has multiple subsidiaries and plans to extend the list
  • The buyer is able to bring synergies to the target and involve it in a larger and strong group of companies

Information about the buyer for large energy and utilities-oriented companies in Europe 

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