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M&A advisors in the Czech Republic

M&A advisor Sumit AroraSumit Arora is the CFIE team leader of the M&A team for the Czech Republic. If you have questions about M&A in Czech he is the man who can help you out.

Buy side M&A in Czech

Due to the diversity and complexity of most industries nowadays an advisor has to be informed about the latest M&A developments. Our M&A advisors are monitoring the M&A landscape in IT, transportation and chemicals closely. As the European Union is becoming one market it is comfortable to have a M&A advisor who knows the language and habits of your preferred country for doing business. We try to get the best deal possible for our clients. Find out more in buy a company in the Czech Republic.

Automotive is a segment with a special attention of the Corporate Finance in Europe Team in Czech. If you are looking to acquire a business in the Automotive industry we advice you to read more about M&A advisor  Sumit Arora.

Sell side M&A

Should sell side mergers and acquisition advisors know the market? Our advisors are monitoring the market closely and understand the complexity and diversity of the current industries. When selling your Czech business it is nice to have a M&A advisor who speaks and understands your native language. Having a European scope instead of a local our reach goes far beyond the reach of a local advisory which will result in a better deal. To learn more about sell side M&A in the Czech Republic follow sell your Czech company.

CFIE is in touch with the market leaders of the industry. Segments with our special attention can be found in ICT, Transportation, chemicals and for Czech Automotive. Teamwork is our added value, next to an advisor who speaks your language we can provide you with an advisor who knows your industry inside out.

Mergers and Acquisitions advice

The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to give you the right advice on M&A. You choose a CFIE M&A advisor because:

  • He speaks your language and knows the local habits.
  • He is familiar with your industry
  • He has done several M&A deals and knows the latest company valuations
  • He is well connected
  • He is a teamplayer (cooperates with other cfie advisors for the best deal possible)

You can find an overview of our advisors  in International M&A advisors.

M&A developments and landscape

Via our webinars we can inform you and give insights to possibilities regarding business sales. In our weblog articles about several aspects of M&A can be found. A CFIE advisor is always looking around to find opportunities for doing the best M&A deal possible.

Information about mergers and acquisitions in the Czech Republic

Contact us if you have any questions about M&A in the Czech Republic. The M&A advisors of CFIE are ready to help you with your M&A plans. A phone call is also suited to get feedback on your plans. Or you can contact Sumit Arora directly by filling in the form below.

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