Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany

M&A in Germany

Economically and regarding M&A Germany is one of the leading countries in Europe. The role played by the German’s within the development of the European Union is very significant. For m&a investments Germany is an important place, especially when it concerns R&D related activities or industries like ICT, automotive or Chemicals. A hurdle for foreign M&A might be the German language.

Most of the exports are generated by; vehicles, textile, chemicals, machinery, metals, manufactured goods and foodstuffs . Main imports can be found in vehicles, metals, machinery, textiles and foodstuffs. Berlin is the capital city, other important economic centers are the Ruhr-area, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Stuttgart and Munich which headquarters the world most famous car brands.

M&A Developments

We expect M&A developments in Germany mainly to occur in IT, chemicals, transportation and forwarding. These are the industries the M&A team of Corporate Finance in Europe focuses on. More information about these industries;

The German economic situation

Germany has a very well developed manufacturing industry. Growth rates of R&D intensive industries like automotive and information technology are higher than the average of all industries. Challenges can be found in the availability of skilled employees. The strong business environment might be damaged a little by the increased VAT rate.

Having the most advanced healthcare system among the EU, fully commercialized health insurance and a high rate of literacy combined with a strong business environment makes Germany a nation to be considered for m&a activity. The government aims to increase R&D investments which reached approximately 3% of the GDP in 2010. The legal landscape is very friendly, starting a business in Germany only takes 18 days average. (35 days worldwide).

The country is home base for many world class companies with high value added products. For a long time Germany was the world’s largest exporter. Recently displaced by China but still remaining very strong due to well known brands in industries like automotive and chemicals. The economic growth shows good figures which are also initiated by fiscal and monetary policies. The lowering of the corporate tax rates might be a good example of these policies. This is also beneficial for the mergers and acquisitions landscape.

Germany is a leading country for business tourism which represents 26% of the total tourism. (15% European average). Despite the challenging labor market for skilled employees lots of R&D facilities have been opened by foreign multinationals. Opportunities can be found in the ICT segment, 25% of European spending on ICT R&D are invested in Germany. The country holds 20% of the total European ICT market share. Innovations can be found in solutions for the automotive, medical and logistics industry.

M&A Advisory in Germany

The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are well experienced in the German market. We speak your language as well as the German language. Corporate Finance in Europe’s team has assisted in selling and buying businesses valued between 2M and 100M Euro. The businesses that were sold in Germany normally have 20 to 200 or more employees and a revenue ranging from 2M to 100M Euro. Check our teams knowledge and competences in m&a advisory germany

Business cases

Being an m&a advisor in the Corporate Finance in Europe network means having experience in Germany. From some of our closed deals we have made a specific description . On the German market we have selected the following businesses that were sold;

M&A Deals and transactions

Corporate Finance in Europe is constantly monitoring the German market and speaking to Corporate heads of M&A departments at large buyers. To sell or buy a business successfully means being aware of the requirements and demands by the current market. On recent deals we can give you some important comments. Learn more and follow Recent M&A deals in Germany

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