M&A in France

Mergers and Acquisitions in France

France has played an important role in funding the European Union. Before becoming a member of the EU its economy showed a steady growth. In the past years lots of mergers have taken place in the banking sector. The French government aims to attract more foreign investments and is liberating several sectors where m&a opportunities can be found. A hurdle for doing business in France for non French speaking investors might be the language.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) developments in France

For M&A activity it will be beneficial that France is loosening it’s corporate governance laws. The liberation of sectors like energy and distribution will lower the barriers of entry and create further M&A opportunities. The Government is initiating various reforms which have some resistance under the population. With the retirement of a generation of business owners we expect further M&A activity over the next years.

The economic situation in France

As household expenditure is expected to rise the domestic consumption might be weak because of lower income and wages as well as a rising unemployment. The government’s undertaking reforms which could boost investments is slowed down by the financial situation of the government. Challenges can be found in the social aspects of an aging population. The level of minimum wages improved but the labor productivity has not increased by the same level. The government tries to fill the gap by initiating social reforms.

France is traditionally known as a technologically advanced nation. This is achieved by well managed patent portfolios and patenting economically valuable inventions. Currently the level of innovation is declining due to a low expenditure on R&D which is aimed to be 3% of the GPD. The government created the Agency for Industrial Innovation to support innovation by enhancing the level of coordination between developments and their applications. France has identified priority areas such as energy, information technology, transport and life sciences to speed up the technological advancement. Among the general public the government attempts to popularize the usage of IT. More about IT in M&A in ICT and information technology.

France has a well developed services sector which contributes 81.2% of the GPD. Main segments within this sector are financial services, insurance, retail and tourism. Growth is driven by 3 factors; households spended more on services, technological development, and the outsourcing of tertiary activities. The French industrial base is diversified and contributes around 17.5% of the GPD. Main industries are agri-food processing, chemicals, automotive, metallurgy, telecommunications and electronics.  France has a third of all agricultural land in the EU and is the second largest producer of agricultural goods in the world. The French healthcare system is considered to be the best of the world but also expensive. Employees pay around 20% of their gross wages for the system.

France possesses a very well developed infra structure. The road and highway system is leading in Europe. France is a global air transport hub with 6 international airports (total 27 airports) of which Charles de Gaulle in Paris is the largest. Five of the leading seaports of Europe are located in France. The largest sea freight port is Marseille which ranks third in the whole of Europe, another important port is Le Havre. France also boosts a very well developed telecoms system. The world class infra structure network makes France a nation which could be interesting for foreign investments and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. More information about mergers and acquisitions in transportation services

M&A Advisory in France

Corporate Finance in Europe’s M&A consultants are well experienced concerning the French market. Corporate Finance in Europe’s team assisted in selling and buying businesses valued between 2M and 100M Euro. The businesses that were sold in France normally have 20 to 200 or more employees and revenues ranging from 2M to 100M Euro. We speak the French language as well as your language. Check our teams knowledge and competences in m&a advisory france

Business cases

Being an m&a advisor in the Corporate Finance in Europe network means having experience in France. From some of our closed deals we have made a specific description . On the French market we have selected the following businesses that were sold;

M&A Deals and transactions

Corporate Finance in Europe is constantly monitoring the M&A activity in France and speaking to corporate heads of  M&A departments at large buyers. To sell or buy a business successfully means being aware of the situation in the current market. On recent deals we can give you some important comments. Learn more and follow Recent M&A deals in France

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