Selling a flavour and fragrances business

Sell a business in the flavours and fragrances industry

We help business owners of flavour and fragrances companies  in the sale of their business. Corporate Finance in Europe knows the European flavour and fragrances market very well. We know a large number of the decision makers (CEO's, CFO's and board members or PE investors behind them) at flavour and fragrances chemical companies. These firms can be the buyer for your flavour and fragrances company. We see further consolidation in the flavours and fragrances industry. The larger companies still buy more flavour and fragrances related businesses. We are also in touch with industry specific funds that want to grow a group of aroma related business and realise synergies between these companies.

Sell your flavour
and fragrances business

Let us help you with selling your flavour and fragrances business and get some free advice

Steps in selling your business

When selling your business you want a fair price. This will be achieved by the CFIE M&A advisor. He knows the process in the sale of a company in detail. The most important steps are;

  • Administration (defining the project)
  • Market scan
  • Marketing (find buyers and communicate with them)
  • Negotiations
  • Legal settlement (the paperwork involved in the sale)

For the best practices on selling a company read sell your business and the process of selling a business for a detailed description of the steps.

CFIE knows how to sell a flavours and fragrances company

We know the flavour and fragrances manufacturer and distribution market, the relevant synergies and plans of the different buyers. We are up to date with the latest and most realistic valuations that currently occur in the market. With this knowledge we can not only help you in finding the buyer that pays the highest price. We also ensure you to find the most suited strategic partner for your business for the long run. We can help you through the complete process and take a lot of work out of your hands, while guiding the process.

Highlights cfie when selling your business

  • know the flavour and fragrances industry inside out
  • knowledge about strategic business sales
  • contacts to international F&F buyers
  • experienced with the most recent valuations
  • speak your language

Selling your chemical company can be initiated by the need for a strategic partner to realize possible synergies. There is a number of buyers looking for flavour and fragrances related targets. The ongoing development of the European market, globalization and developments in technology make it necessary to be informed about the m&a activities and opportunities in the industry. Involve Corporate Finance in Europe at the right moment in order to find the most suited strategic buyer and get the best price for your business. If you are the owner of a flavour and fragrances related business, please contact us to see how we can help you in the sale of your company.

Business case flavours and fragrances

Corporate Finance in Europe is well informed about m&a in the flavor and fragrances (F&F) industry. Before our people joined Corporate Finance In Europe they were directors of M&A and business development at companies like Frutarom. Therefore they know the flavour and fragrances industry well and have a good understanding of how to sell a business. We have helped a client of ours to buy a flavours and fragrances company called Isobionics from DSM, which is a large chemical company. For more details please visit M&A deal chemicals Netherlands and Belgium.

M&A advisory for flavour and fragrances

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has large M&A experience in the aroma chemical industry (flavours and fragrances). The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has been involved in selling and buying chemical companies valued between 1M and 150M Euro. The chemistry businesses that were sold normally have 10 to 250 or more employees and revenues ranging from 1M to 150M Euro. Check our teams knowledge and competences in m&a advisory chemical / chemistry industry

Process of selling a flavour and fragrances related business

Our advisors will guide you through the process. We are open to explain you all the different phases you go through when selling a F&F business. We help you in identifying a realistic valuation for your company. Further, we can explain who the most suited buyers are for your company and contact these buyers in a later stage. We help you in the negotiation and closing of the project. Being an European network we have advisors who know the legal and tax aspects of your target country. Next to our industry focus we can offer related services during the process of a business sale. These services include valuations, due diligence, tax regulations and turnaround management. Find out more in sell your business in Europe.

Companies for sale in chemicals

If your plans for selling your business are serious your company can be listed anonymously in the companies for sale in chemical section. You can see what type of interested buyers exist that are interested in the purchase of your chemical business. Contact us to get your business listed. It might be possible that buyers are looking for your flavour and fragrances business and your type of company and it is on our wanted list. We do know some buyers from the industry that want to grow via acquisitions. Find out which buyers we are in touch with in business brokers chemicals.

Information on the sale of your flavour and fragrances business

Please get in contact with us if you have serious plans for selling your F&F business. Check our references in selling chemical companies. We have people with a long background in the flavour and fragrance and the chemical industry in general. Our team can help with selling your flavour and fragrances business. A phone call is also suited as the CFIE advisors speak your native language.