Buying a flavour and fragrances business

Buy a business in the flavours and fragrances industry

We help business owners of flavour and fragrances and chemical aroma companies  in the purchase of similar flavour or aroma related chemical companies. Corporate Finance in Europe knows the European aroma chemical market very well. We know a large number of the decision makers (CEO's, CFO's and board members or PE investors behind them) at flavour and fragrances chemical companies like Frutarom, Givaudan and many others.

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Steps in the process of buying a business

Buying a business is a task which takes time. To goal is to buy the most suited business which matches the best with your requirements. A responsible M&A advisor should guide you through the stages. The main steps are;

  • Administration and signing of the engagement
  • Market scan
  • Marketing of the project
  • Negotiations
  • Legal settlements and documents (deal closing)

The CFIE M&A advisor can inform you about the best practices. Learn more about buying a business and the process of buying a business

CFIE knows how to buy a flavours and fragrances company

We know the flavour and fragrances manufacturer and distribution market, the relevant synergies and plans of the different sellers. We are up to date with the latest and most realistic valuations that currently occur in the market. With this knowledge we can not only help you in finding flavour companies for the right price, but also ensure you to find the most suited strategic partner for your business for the long run. We can help you through the complete process and take a lot of work out of your hands, while guiding the process. We help you to find the right flavour and fragrances company to buy.

M&A in the flavours and fragrances industry

We see further consolidation in the flavours and fragrances industry. The larger companies still buy more flavour and fragrances related businesses. We also like to show you that we understand the perfume manufacturer business. Our people in France have good contacts with perfume manufacturers or distributors all across Europe. If you are interested in buying a perfume related business, please contact us to see how we can help you in the purchase of a company. If you are interested in the latest business sales and purchases of chemical business in Europe please go to recent chemicals transactions.

Business case flavours and fragrances

Corporate Finance in Europe is well informed about m&a in the flavor and fragrances (F&F) industry. Before our people joined Corporate Finance In Europe they were directors of M&A and business development at companies like Frutarom. Therefore they know the flavour and fragrances industry well and have a good understanding of how to buy a business. An example of a project is when we helped a client of ours to buy a flavours and fragrances company. The company was called Isobionics and was acquired from DSM, which is a large chemical company. For more details please visit M&A deal chemicals Netherlands and Belgium.

M&A advisory for aroma chemicals

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has large M&A experience in the aroma chemical industry (flavours and fragrances). The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has been involved in selling and buying chemical companies valued between 1M and 150M Euro. The chemistry businesses that were sold normally have 10 to 250 or more employees and revenues ranging from 1M to 150M Euro. Check our teams knowledge and competences in m&a advisory chemical / chemistry industry.