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Window manufacturer northern Europe for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Company for sale 

  • Sales: 12 M EURO
  • Ebitda: 0.4 M EURO
  • Net Profit: 0.3 M EURO
  • Total assets: 4.5 M EURO
  • Equity: 3.4 M EURO
  • Employees: 170
  • Location: Northern Europe
  • MAS081
  • Reason for sale: the Company would be open to talk to a potential strategic partner to acquire the 100% of the shares.

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Overview Window manufacturing company for sale

A Window manufacturing Company dedicated to the production of PVC and aluminium joinery for over 20 yrs. Since the nineties, the Company manufactures and sells windows and glazed doors made of plastic (PVC) and aluminium. Its head office and plant are located in north Europe, Poland. The Company buys profiles and materials from reputable suppliers (PVC and aluminium profiles, glass, fittings). Most of the production is PVC based and aluminium products are satisfying needs of demanding customers or for specific applications (usually tailor made, specific requirements). 

The company produces more than 450 doors per month and more than 5,000 aluminium windows made of PVC, selling a significant amount to end users and cooperating with various exclusive and not exclusive independent distributors, national and internationally located, at a European level. More than 65% comes from European export, especially from south, central and eastern Europe.

The Company is ready to explore the growth opportunities in other markets and hence, they are looking for a strategic partner to enter in the Shareholder structure with the acquisition of the 100% of shares in order to reach their goals. 

Profile Window manufacturing company for sale

The Company is in majority ownership of its founder, and has experienced growth in the past years. Hence, they are looking for strategic partner that would acquire majority ownership stake and at the same time also offer to the company long term benefits and future growth. 
Today, with more than 150 employees, the Company is open to enter into negotiations on the sale of the 100% of its shares through a shares acquisition. Also, the company management would accept a transitional period where they can help the new owners to take over the Company in a guaranteed, successful way. 

Products and services Window manufacturing company for sale

The Window manufacturing company provides the following products:
  • PVC and aluminium windows 
  • PVC and aluminium doors
  • Sliding aluminium systems
  • Windows sills
  • Door fillings
  • Other accessories 
All the products such as PVC, aluminium or glass are high quality supplied by distinguished suppliers active in the market. The Windows and doors the Company manufactures have CE marking confirming their compliance with the most rigorous European standards. All systems offered are adapted to European construction standards.

Information Window manufacturing company for sale

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