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Western Europe Voice BPO for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

BPO (voice) company for sale

  • Sales BPO company for sale: circa 18m
  • EBIT BPO company: circa 2m
  • Location BPO company for sale: Western Europe
  • Reason for sale: Shareholders want to grow the business and are considering selling the company to strategic investors. Shareholders are also happy to consider a partial equity sale.
  • CFIE LAI 003

Overview BPO company

The company operates in the BPO industry and provides predominantly B2B outbound voice services. The company is a well-renowned name in the market with a very strong quality brand. Its client base is made of blue chips corporations mainly focused in the telecommunications industry. The management team controls the company, while a development agency has a minority stake. The management team is looking to sale the business to a strategic player in order to develop the business further. The management team is also happy to consider a partial equity sale, and willing to stay involved in the company management after the sale for the time necessary to guarantee a smooth transition and subject to the buyer’s requirements.
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Profile (strategy) of the Western Europe voice BPO for sale

The company, founded in the late 2000s, is a well-recognized player in the BPO industry providing outbound voice services to blue chips corporations, particularly in the telecommunications sector. The company is one of the fastest growing mid-market outbound voice businesses in Europe with a top quality service. The company aims to scale the business and expand its operations into new markets and product range.  The company is investing in a new site which will support further growth.
Outbound voice services are provided to clients to manage the relationship with their customers (exisitng and potential) predomintalntly through telephone communications. Typical services offered include:
  • Sales generation: such as sale calls to prospective (for new sales) and existing (for renewals, cross-selling or up-selling) customers;
  • Telemarketing: such as customer satisfaction surveys, market reaserch, database cleansing and follow up calls;
  • Debt collection;
  • Proactive customers service: such as informing calls of problems, maintenance works, delays,  changes, disruptions and delivery arragements.
Outbound services are highly in demand in those sectors where companies have a large and highly dispersed client base and where the continuous customer relationship is fundamental to guarantee the business growth (such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, financial services and utilities). Outbound voice players with their highly skilled and experienced personnel and leading technology are able to provide a cheaper and better service than an equivalent in-house platform maximizing their clients’ investment return.
The business model is also highly scalable and able to efficiently and effectively enter new markets, including inbound voice. Inbound voice services are offered to companies to handle incoming calls from their customers providing them with assistance and support (such as call routing, speech recognition and interactive voice response).

Activities and products for the Western Europe Voice BPO for sale

The company provides high-quality outbound voice services to blue chips corporations, predominantly in the telecommunications industry. The company is investing in a new site which will give new opportunities to expand the business into new markets and products, increasing the overall scalability of the business. The company has already started the diversification in other sectors and won new clients beyond the telecommunications industry.
The company has a strong middle management layer which makes the company less dependent on its top managers allowing the business to run smoothly during and after the transition.

Highlights for the Western Europe Voice BPO for sale

The company is well-positioned with a strong presence in the outbound voice market, particularly in the telecommunications sector.
The business model is highly scalable with opportunities to expand geographically and enter new complementary markets, such as the inbound voice and being able in this way to provide a complete range of solutions to its clients (becoming a one-shop provider for BPO voice services).
The company has also a healthy financial position with a strong debt capacity, which gives the management the opportunity to further grow the business through financial leverage.

Information about Western Europe Voice BPO for sale

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