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Welding fume producer

Manufacturing business for sale

Welding fume manufacturing company for sale

  • Sales welding fume manufacturer: 0,4m Euro
  • Location: Turkey
  • Employees: 6
  • Reason for sale: Shareholders want to retire and sell the company.
  • #CFIE U 061

Overview welding fume manufacturer

The company, operating for 20 years, produces welding fume equipment. The company also offers distribution agreements for major US and European welding fume manufacturers.
The companies average turnover is low and approx. 400.000 € for last 3 years because of some political causes in Turkey. The building the welding fume distributor uses is 500 m2 and rental costs are 12.500 € per year. The company has a much larger potential for manufacturing and distribution of welding fume equipment. According to the calculations of the company the mobile units will be reach 2000 piece (approx. 2.000.000 € turnover excl. VAT) selling number for per year. The Turkish company for sale will also produce some central suction and hall ventilation units. The company can reach 4.000.000 € turnover with the right strategy and some investments. Welding fume extraction manufacturers could be interested to buy this Turkish company. The seller is also open for an investor that wants to buy a part of the company. This can be an ideal opportunity for a larger international distributor to break into the Turkish market for welding fume material. The owner wants to retire and is open for a business sale.

Profile (strategy) of welding fume manufacturer for sale

The company is a manufacturer of Avevo branded welding fume extraction units. The fume extraction manufacturer for sale is also an official dealer of some international companies from Europe and US. The financials of the Turkish company for sale are not very good for now. However, the connection with the Avevo brand and products will be valuable in the Turkish market soon as the Turkish government is implementing some new laws and regulations about welding fume hazards.
The Avevo products of the company for sale are of high quality and cheaper price than our local competitors. Our products have CE by TUV Austria and our company registered ISO 9001:2008. The total personal of the company for sale is 6 employees. TUBITAK (THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TURKEY) supported our a R&D Project about hall ventilation system against to fumes and dusts.
The owners are looking for a strategic buyer to grow the business. The shareholders are also open to consider other strategic transactions, such as a merger or a joint venture, with players who are eager to take the business a step further.

Activities and products

The company produces and distributes in Turkey welding fume extraction units
The activities are carried out in a rented production facility in Turkey. The company has 6 highly trained technical and operational personnel.

Highlights for the Turkish welding fume extraction units producer for sale

The company is well positioned in the Turkish market and can be an attractive company for an international buyer that wants to enter Turkey. For more companies for sale in Turkey please visit the section companies for sale in Turkey.