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e-Commerce webshop provider company for sale

Company for sale

IT or ICT company for sale
  • The company for sale is a leading global e-commerce webshop provider
  • More than 2000 webshops have been created with the e-commerce system of the seller since its creation
  • The location of the company can be changed to where the buyer is located
  • Reason for sale: The shareholder want to grow this company with a strong buyer that has access to a lot of SME’s that have a need for an ecommerce webshop
  • CFIE T161


The owner of this e-commerce webshop provider has created an online free webshop that has been used by more than 2000 companies and is one of the leading webshop providers globally for small SME’s. This internet, e-commerce company is looking for a business sale. Get more information about this internet, e-commerce provider company for sale now.


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Profile (strategy)

The company has prepared a webshop portal in 50 languages that is currently still free of charge. The webshop is being used by more than 2000 small SME’s that sell their products online via this portal. The e-commerce portal would be a great portal for a global company that has a large customer base of small SME’s that have the need for a cheap, well working webshop. The company can be easily relocated.

Activities and services

The company provides an out of the box e-commerce shop to small and middle sized companies globally. This webshop also has connections to mobile sales channels like Iphones and other handheld devices.


The company has developed a first dataset of more than 2000 customers. The web shop is available in more than 50 languages. The platform is ideal for a larger player that has access to a global base of SME customers to scale up and provide a free or paid web e-commerce portal to it’s client base. It can be an interesting add-on product for larger internet or ecommerce player that wants to add a webshop to it’s product portfolio.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this internet, e-commerce web shop supplying company for sale. For more software companies for sale in please visit the section IT companies for sale.