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Waterless urinal company for sale

Waterless urinal company for sale

  • Size: small-sized
  • Revenue of the waterless urinal manufacturer: <1M Euro
  • Employees of the waterless urinal company: <10
  • Investment amount required: 1M to 2M Euro
  • Return: The project will deliver a very high ROI (at least 20%)
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Reason for sale: Growth capital is required to fund the various placements of the waterless urinals with media player to exploit market opportunities in the US and Europe.
  • #CFIE V009

Overview of the waterless urinal company for sale in Netherlands

The company wants to get rid of the traditional way of advertising and narrowcasting, and focuses on interactivity and pay per view concept. Therefore the owners have developed an excellent marketing concept that has high demand in the market. The company has developed a standard waterless urinal by combining it with a high technology media player. The media player is able to register how often an advertisement is viewed. This makes it possible for the advertisers to pay per view and to measure the impact of their advertising in relation with the revenues. The product can be used by corporates that have public toilets, bars, pubs, restaurants or any location that has a public toilet.
The product (waterless urinal) is very appealing to parties that need to place the urinal as it is obviously environmental friendly and in addition it achieves water costs savings up to € 420 per urinal per year. However, a much more appealing item for a client is that it is placed for free at a cost of 1,000 Euro (as it generates a recurring advertisement return for company) and also gets a fixed percentage of the advertising revenues. This increases the incentive for smaller companies like pubs, bars or restaurants to place the devices of the company. The company has limited financial resources where currently a high capital demand is available. This is the reason for the required investment in the company. The management will remain in place and continue to grow the business together with the new investor.

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Profile (strategy) for the waterless urinal company for sale in Netherlands

The company, based out of the Netherlands specializes in combining marketing and advertisements with the production of waterless urinal machines. The company helps its clients with water saving in order to reach its CSR goals. The main product is an environmental friendly waterless urinal combined with a media player. Saving water implies saving the environment and money for the client. The company has received good feedback in the European and the US market. The waterless urinal company for sale employs a staff of only a few people at the moment, but will scale up with further involvement of a new investor. The company helps targets with water saving to reach their CSR goals, and to comply to environmental friendly standards. Marketing via advertisements is ideal as the audience reached is 100% men, the large majority over 18 years. This is a very attractive marketing segment for advertisers.

Activities and products for the waterless urinal company for sale in Netherlands

The waterless urinal companies product consists of the following pieces:

  • Advertising in a video spot, animation or still from 10 to 12 seconds
  • Waterless urinals (outsourced)
  • Network with high quality advertisers aiming at male groups (95% over 18 years)
  • Automated software to calculate the returns for the clients to place the products
  • Automated software that registers the views
The product is of interest to advertisers as it brings the advertising message short but powerful. Men who see the advertisements will not forget. The display of the media player is located in a place where it will always get the users attention. Looking away is not an option for the toilet users as people familiar with the use of urinals will confirm.

Highlights for the waterless urinal company for sale in Netherlands

  • The company is appealing to companies to ensure water savings and reach their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals
  • The company generates income for its clients (marketing income from the advertisements shown on the waterless urinoirs)
  • Once the installed base grows the company will have recurring revenue streams
  • The company is tapping a huge market across Europe (public toilets)
  • The company saves costs for its clients: cleansing and transport of water costs money and energy (CO2) which is not required anymore going forward

Information for the waterless urinal company for sale in Netherlands

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