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Waste collection and recycling company for sale

Overview municipal waste collection & recycling company for sale

  • Sales of the waste recycling company for sale:  approx 40m Euro
  • EBITDA of the recycling company: >5m Euro
  • Location waste recycling company for sale: Eastern Europe
  • Employees: >1000
  • #ABR 001

Profile municipal waste collection & recycling company for sale

Municipal waste collection & recycling company

  • the company is mainly acting in municipal garbage collection
  • additional to its main municipal waste collection activity, the company has developed a facility for plastic recycling (PET bottles, mechanical cleaning and flakes production)
  • the company also is licensed and offers other services to a number of municipalities, such as streets sweeping, waste recycling, management of garbage pits, etc.
  • the company is cash reach and has yearly revenues in the range of EUR 40 mil with EBITDA of EUR 5 - 6 millions.
  • the business has positive trends and relevant growth have been obtained even during the last years

Opportunity municipal waste collection & recycling company for sale

CEE countries are still coping with serious waste management issues - most municipal waste still ends up in landfills, many of which are quickly filling up or do not comply with EU environmental standards. Cohesion policy is one remedy that can provide finance for waste management projects in line with the principles of the waste hierarchy, where reducing, reusing and recycling are the most desirable ways to deal with waste.

Hence, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is still behind Western Europe in implementing necessary changes to its waste management sector. The problem for CEE is that it now faces more or less the same legislative targets in relation to diversion from landfill, recycling and the various producer responsibility obligations; however, as it has made insufficient progress so far, the journey that it has to make must now be made in a shorter period of time. Indeed some CEE Member States are not only failing to divert waste from landfill, they are still operating landfills which in technical terms do not meet EU standards. The European Commission is currently looking at the performance of CEE Member States and there is a prospect of infringement proceedings against some CEE Member States. Furthermore, Western Europe is observing an increasing number of renewable energy projects including waste to energy, biomass, etc.
All these suggest the significant potential for growth of the waste collection, management and recycling industries in the CEE.

Investment highlights municipal waste collection & recycling company for sale

  • Great market opportunity – significant potential for growth of the waste collection and recycling sector in the Eastern Europe
  • The Company is not in distress, it is cash rich and has demonstrated  capacity to grow having registered positive trends and relevant growth during the recent years
  • Sizeable company – over 1000 employees, yearly sales of approx 40 mEUR, EBITDA of over 5 mEUR
  • Additional services  (recycling, other services offered to a number of municipalities) allow for further growth opportunities as well as for client retention and new business generation.

Information on this municipal waste collection & recycling company for sale in Eastern Europe

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