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VPS hosting business for sale

  • Revenue: < 1M EUR
  • Employees: < 10
  • Valuation demands: < 200k EUR
  • Location of the VPS hosting business: Netherlands
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Netherlands, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS319

Overview of the VPS hosting business in the Netherlands for sale

The company for sale is a small and energetic enterprise active in the hosting market for more than 15 years. It registers domain names, hosts websites and makes complete servers available. The company has around 320 customers that are mostly small to medium size. As a way to increase faster the company’s growth, the owner has tried in the past to acquire other hosting companies, but has proven difficult. However, the company has a stable rhythm of growth and is relying on its loyal customers. The owner could consider a sale in order to add a boost to his company, but he is not looking actively to sell. If there is a good fit and high interest of the prospective buyer the owner is willing to discuss. As for the valuation, the owner would expect an acquisition price of less than 200K Euro. CFIE has no active sell-side mandate and needs to discuss details with the seller first. Another alternative is to work for the interested party/buyer. CFIE knows a large number of hosting companies in the Dutch market of a similar size that are open to discuss a sale. Hence, CFIE can support an interested buyer well with the acquisition process in the Netherlands.


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Profile (strategy) of the VPS hosting business in the Netherlands for sale

This tiny company for sale was started as a hobby, but grew and developed into a specialized hosting enterprise that provides high quality services such as VPS, co-location, web hosting, domain registration and SSL certificates. During the time, the team has gained solid experience in delivering specialized solutions, it delivers solutions for web design, online back-up and network management. Due to this services ensured by the company customers can focus on their own business without having to be involved in hosting activities. The company’s server is held in-house and is localized in several places in the Netherlands. Since more automation processes are encouraged and the back-up is an increasing necessity, the company helps its customers to back-up their PCs and servers in its data center. Cloud environment is also a priority domain in which the company is involved. E-Mail solutions provided enable the user to access his email anytime anywhere.
The Virtual Private Server is the server that is set up according to the user’s demands. The web servers are monitored for crucial services and are maintained by the company’s specialists. The client has his own server meaning his own disk space, processors, memory and operating system. This prevents the client’s website to suffer any damage produced by a hacking attack addressed to other websites that would be hosted on the same server (shared hosting case). The danger of catching harmful content from other websites is zero, since the VPS hosts only one website. If the client needs more space on the server, the VPS can be expanded with more memory and additional processors. The company provides many customized server solutions and takes care of operations such as up-dating and maintenance.

Activities and services of the VPS hosting business in the Netherlands for sale

The company for sale delivers the following services and solutions:
  • VPS
  • Domain Names Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Co-Location
  • Online Back-up
  • SSL Certificates
  • Web Design (custom solutions)
  • Network Management
  • E-Mail Solutions
  • Customization

Highlights of the VPS hosting business in the Netherlands for sale

  • The company is providing VPS hosting solutions
  • Other services provided are domain registration, co-location, back-up, web design, etc.
  • The company for sale has the potential to grow in the Netherlands
  • The owners would be able to talk with suited and interested buyers

More information on this vPS hosting business in the Netherlands for sale

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