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VOIP Carrier for sale

VOIP Carrier for sale

  • VOIP Carrier in growth stage
  • VOIP Carrier located in the affluent Middle East
  • An international corporate client base
  • 0% Corporation tax
  • Revenues >$5M
  • Debt free corporation

Overview VOIP Carrier for sale

This VOIP Carrier for sale is located in the affluent Middle Eastern market. This VOIP carrier which has been in operation for over 5 years still has a large amount of growth potential and has an envious market base with over 250 partners. The firms continued year on year profit growth shows its ability to grow and expand its market share.  The VOIP Carrier works closely with its sales offices in two well developed countries. This VOIP carrier for sale is located in a region in which it can benefit from no corporation tax. The firm’s executives include well seasoned telecommunications experts.

Profile (strategy) of VOIP Carrier for sale

The owner of this VOIP carrier for sale is seeking an investor who is interested in owning the business. The firm operates relatively independently without the need for day to day monitoring. This VOIP carrier for sale prides itself on making ethical decisions, maintaining high professional standards and would like an investor who holds the same values. The VOIP carrier possesses a range of state of the art software and uses a platform that enables wholesale voice aggregation and transit services. The firm strives to continuously search for and invest in innovative services and practices that will enhance the service that provides to its customer base. The firm operates on a global basis and has worldwide customers such as call centres and small businesses. This VOIP carrier is well poised to expand its operations globally.

Highlights VOIP Carrier for sale

The VOIP Carrier for sale has various highlights such as:
  • Financial benefit of 0% corporation tax
  • Consistent organic year on year growth
  • Over 250 international partners
  • Sales offices in developed markets
  • Continuous innovation

Information about VOIP Carrier for sale

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information on this VOIP carrier for sale. If this VOIP carrier business for sale isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to browse the Corporate Finance in Europe website for more investment opportunities.