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Vintage liquor trader in Europe for sale

Vintage liquor trader in Europe for sale

  • The sales of the retailer of vintage liquor trader in Europe for a sale will be above 5M Euro
  • Required investment: 9M Euro (or more)
  • Profit: very high profit margins
  • Current stock: 12M Euro retail value
  • The company is located in Europe
  • The company will have 7 employees
  • The company for sale sells vintage liquor trader worldwide
  • Reason for sale: Seller is looking for a gradual retirement and sale of the business. However, the owner wants to stay involved and is open to support the new buyer financially if needed
  •  CFIE JBN001

Overview vintage liquor trader in Europe for sale

The company for sale sells high quality vintage liquor globally. Interested buyers can take over the vintage liquor company for sale based on a Management Buy-In , Joint Venture, partial participation or a full sale. The owner has not the intention to cash and is willing to keep on supporting the company financially. After the acquisition he is open to keep a share capital of 2 million Euro and to refinance 7 million Euro as additional capital for expansion of the trading stock. This will give the vintage liquor trader a competitive edge against smaller competitors in the market. The specific legal form of the acquisition is negotiable. Opportunities exist to buy trade stock or part as a private collection which can create interesting financial and tax options for the acquisition candidate.
The acquisition or participation provides opportunities for multiple business partners , such as young professionals or financially strong entrepreneurs with extensive management experience as well as entrepreneurial spirit and commercialism. For a management team with knowledge of ICT, e-commerce, online marketing and social media many opportunities exist. Entrepreneurs experience in beverages and wines is an advantage, but not required. With the available knowledge of the company it is simple to determine the purchase value of a bottle. The company for sale has staff , office space and a warehouse. The business plan is to grow from 7 FTEs to 28 in the 5th year.
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Strategy retailer of vintage liquor trader in Europe for sale

The strategy of the company is to focus on high quality liquors. Whether it is a Cognac from 1889 or a whiskey 1820 . The current owner is willing to provide his expertise during the term of the refinancing that will be made available. The company already owns the largest stock of vintage liquors for sale. The company for sale will use it’s current market position with the market dominance and the additional reinvestment of 7 million Euro to grow it’s stock via tactical and strategic planned auction purchases. The available knowledge can help to buy low at small auctions and sell high at larger auctions where prices are much higher. The company for sale works with a staff that has been around for a long time and that has extensive market knowledge. The strategy is to grow with an exclusive internet platform which will enable to sell for high prices to it’s customers that can be mainly foreign customers (from China, the Middle East and Russia).

Products of the retailer of vintage liquor trader for sale

The company for sale is active in products like Cognac, Armagnac , Whiskey , Port and Liqueurs. The knowledge of the company in old liquors is vast. With this knowledge the difference between an old and new spirit can be determined by the label and the state of the bottle. The liquors comprehensive database is a major asset that can be further developed and exploited via a good internet presence.

Highlights of the vintage liquor trader for sale

  • The company is currently a market leader
  • Further financial support of the current owner will continue to exist
  • The company has enormous further growth potential and the business plan is ready for that
  • The demand for old liquors will grow in relation with the wealth on the earth
  • The business for sale has a high positive NPV based on the business plan
  • A global buyer can get access to the international market of old liquors
  • The business for sale has a long existence and a huge knowledge in the area of vintage liquors

Information about this vintage liquor trader for sale

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about this vintage liquor trader for sale. Feel free to contact us for details about this business open for sale in Europe. If you are looking for further companies for sale in Europe please visit companies for sale.