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Transportation software company in Europe for sale

Transportation software company for sale 

  • Revenue of the software company: EUR >1M
  • Employees: >10+
  • Investments received: EUR >1M
  • Investments wanted: EUR 1M – 5M
  • Location of the transportation software company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners need further funds to grow further and want to sell a minority to a strategic or financial investor that understands the potential of the online transportation market
  • #CFIE ITS057

Overview of the logistic and transportation software company in Europe for sale

The owners of the logistic and transportation software company have developed an online transport platform that prevents empty freight runs. The company for sale is a young company that has very promising growth prospects. It’s high quality online matching platform for freights is successful at a local level and has received prices for it’s high quality positioning. Now the company needs to grow to an European position. For this position further funds (indication of amount between 1 and 5m Euro) are required. This will give the buyer/investor a minority position and will help the company to scale it’s platform to the European market.

Profile (strategy) of the transportation and logistics software company in Europe for sale

Currently, there is an obvious problem in the European transportation market. This well know issue is the empty freight runs. An estimated 25% to 40% of all truck runs are empty or not fully loaded. Any planner in a transportation company can explain the daily issues in trying to optimize the truck occupation rate. The issue of non optimal loading of trucks is existing for decades and the internet has helped little to improve this so far. 

It is clear that the Supply Chain needs to be optimized via collaboration. The company has already proven with existing clients in some of these industries that the concept is working. Some of the industries where the company currently has clients are in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Dangerous Goods (ADR) and heavy cargo. Via shared networks the capacity, utilization and efficiency of the whole industry can be improved. 
The transportation software company for sale currently employs more than 10 employees. Over the last years, the company has invested in developing a software product that is able to manage the sharing of transportation loads between companies. The planners of transportation companies use the software online and can see in real time where additional loads of partners or other related transportation companies can be picked up.

The company specializes in following steps of the load sharing process:
  • Analysis of loads that are available for sharing between transportation companies
  • Online and on screen presenting of load, cargo sharing opportunities
  • Software configurations and adaptations for individual users 
  • Online communication tools for planners of transportation companies to confirm and agree quickly that a load can be shared
  • Complete administration and invoicing of all shared truck loads
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Activities and services of the transportation and logistics software company in Europe for sale

The services of the company are based around (web)applications to increase the collaboration between companies for load sharing. This results in less kilometers for drivers, lower cost for transportation and less pollution and carbon emissions. The high-tech company specializes in creating user-friendly and intuitive(web)software that can be used by planners of transportation companies. The software seamlessly integrates into the transportation companies daily operations. The software helps a transportation company to leverage it’s own and it’s partners’ network in order to consolidate and improve their market position. The software allocates, proposes and handles collaborative load sharing opportunities that results in a win-win for all parties involved due to a more optimal load occupation of trucks.

Highlights of the transportation and logistics software company in Europe for sale

  • A clear problem (low load occupancy of trucks on the European markets) is improved
  • Software can increase efficiency in many transportation companies
  • More revenue is realized for the clients that use the platform as additional loads are provided
  • Transportation companies can save gradually on planning costs 
  • Company for sale provides proprietory transportation and logistics software systems
  • The company for sale has large growth opportunities across Europe
  • The owners are willing to sell a minority of the company’s share capital 

Information of the transportation software company in Europe for sale

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