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Forwarding and shipping services business for sale in Turkey

Freight forwarding company in the oil and gas and agricultural industry

transportation business for sale
  • Sales: >10m Euro
  • Employees: >65
  • Sales price: >3m Euro
  • Location company: Turkey (Southern and Western part)
  • Reason for Sale: Strategic partner for further growth of this forwarding and shipping services business located in Turkey
  • CFIE TRS179

Overview forwarding business for sale

Corporate Finance in Europe is in touch with a forwarding company that is looking for a strategic partner and  investor from the industry that wants to expand it’s services in Turkey and the Middle East. The company wants to team up with a medium or larger sized freight forwarder or shipping line interested to invest and set up or extend a strategic presence in Turkey. The company is mainly active in oil and gas and in agricultural products and performs shipping services and project logistics.

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The company for sale is a shipping agency for conventional vessels, Ro-Ro, & LPG tankers. Full services including forwarding, clearance, etc. It has mainly business  on Mediterranean, Black Sea and Continental waters. In the shipping agency business, the company is the subcontractor to other companies and it’s shipping agency activities include the transporting of gas and iron. The company is a subagent for 2 Autoliners from Europe. The company does project logistics in Iraq, Kazakhstan, the Kaspian Sea and other locations. There are more than 20 company owned trailers. The company works as a forwarder  and transporter within local as well as international projects. Projects that are being executed are heavy lifts, oversized, project cargoes and containers to Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria etc. Project cargo is mostly done in the energy sector: Energy equipment, oil rigs and generators.

Turkey has a competitive advantage in maritime transport since it is surrounded by seas on three sides with the Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the Black Sea, together with the straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus. The length of Turkey’s coastal borders is more than 8000 km. Turkish logistic companies mainly serve the sectors in which most foreign trade is concentrated: these include textiles/garments, automotive, FMCG, retail and food, chemicals, machinery production and the construction industry.

Activities forwarder for sale

The company exists for 40 years in various ports in Turkey and originally established as a pure shipping agency company. The company acts as a shipping agency for around 10 ships. Total number of employees is more than 60 of which around a third are in administration. The company owns flats, a parking area and a private terminal. The company has certificates, is a member of FIATA & UND, and has an ISO 9001 licence.

A sister Company acts as forwarder and transporter and performs over land haulage to Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and CIS countries and as well as local in Turkey. Projects are heavy lifts, oversized, project cargoes and containers. The company owns 50 trailers plus 15 low loaders (lowbeds) for carrying heavy transport. The majority of projects is abroad (90%) and only 10%  domestic. Countries of costumers: UK, Denmark, Italy, USA, China, Japan, Russia (customers brought by freight forwarders).

Investment Highlights forwarding business in Turkey

  • Long experience in the market
  • Good knowledge of oil and gas projects (and agriculture)
  • Access to the Middle East
  • Well positioned across Turkey mainly in the Southern part


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