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Transportation company for sale in Romania

Business for sale

transportation business for sale
  • Sales: > 10m Euro
  • Ebitda: 1.2m Euro
  • Location: Romania, Bucharest
  • Employees: 150+
  • Reason for sale: Company looking for a strategic or financial partner to grow the business further
  • cfie - TRS177

Overview transportation services business

A Rumanian transportation business is looking for a strategic partner to grow the business further. Get more information about this Rumanian transportation company for sale now.

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Profile transportation company for sale

The business for sale employs more than 150 employees. It has around 100 owned trucks. The transportation business most important clients are Kaufland, Lidl, Rewe, Tenaris, Saint Gobain Glass and Tymbark. The company works with a large number of subcontractors containing over 200 transportation firms with a combined fleet of over 800 trucks. The firm subcontracts on average per month 40 trucks.

The company still has some debt and is in the process of decreasing it’s leverage in order to have a stronger balance sheet and be able to grow further again. A financial or strategic partner is sought to participate in this process.

Growth of the Rumanian business

This Rumanian transportation business for sale started operating on the international transport market in the early years of 2000. The company has grown the fleet year over year. The company complies with European Union standards both for the company’s managerial team and for the rest of the employees (foreign studies, professional improvements, exchanges of experience etc.).

Initially growth was realized by development of the service through education and personal development of the staff and the employees to bring their professional standards up to the ones of the European Union. This increase in the level of quality enabled the development of new markets and currently the company is operating in 16 European countries. Other product development can be found in logistics(warehousing) and expeditions.

Activities company for sale in Romania

This transportation company for sale has an own warehouse with a small storage capacity.

This transportation company looking for a buyer is active in E.U. countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Greece) and in non-E.U. countries (Serbia, Croatia).

Highlights transportation business for sale

The company has grown fast in the first decade of it’s existence. It now is looking to build a solid base for further profitable growth. The owner of the company thinks this can best be done in cooperation with a larger strategic partner.
If you want to make an investment in an Romanian transportation business we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:

  • Educated and skilled staff
  • European service level
  • Significant growth
  • Relevant certifications

Information about this company for sale in transportation services

Please request more information about this transportation business for sale in Romania.  If this profile is not suited for you ask for our other transportation and logistics businesses for sale. Feel free to contact us for available companies for sale in Romania.

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