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Italian transportation and freight services company for sale

Transportation company for sale

Transportation business for sale
  • The sales of the transportation business are around 10M Euro
  • The location of the company for sale is Italy
  • The transportation company employs around 20 experienced people
  • The acquisition would give the buyer a position in Italy with good clients
  • Reason for sale: The owner considers the sale of the company in order to focus on other business projects.
  • #CFIE T186

Overview transportation company

The transportation company open for a sale is a well-established Italian company focusing on transportation of IT and pharmaceutical products. The company has over twenty years of experience in logistics and road transport. The courier is specialized in transportation, all over the country, of information technology, electronic and pharmaceutical products. The Company´s sales are around EUR 10 million. The company has good experience in Italy in the transportation industry build up during many years. The company is managed by the owner who has many years experience in the industry but wants to focus on other activities. Get more information about this transportation company for sale now.


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Strategy transportation company

The strategy is to be active in transportation with a focus on specific industries. The company counts among its customers world leaders in information technology sector and excellent companies in drug industry. The company has some own domestic storage. The company has a light fleet (20 vans and 8 trucks), the great majority of transportation is done by third parties.

Services of the transportation business for sale

The transportation business open for a sale is active in transportation in Italy. It can help a foreign company quickly to establish a position in the Italian market. The company has 2 logistics settlements. The main services it offers are: Logistics, Management of the Stock, National Express Transport, Transport of Drugs and Diagnostics, Track & Tracing System Services, Swap of Computer equipment, technical skills of the carriers that provide the installation of Information Technology products.

Highlights of the transportation business

  • The business has large experience in the transportation of IT, electronics and pharmaceutical products
  • The company has an EBITDA of around one million Euro (10% of sales)
  • A foreign buyer can get a presence in Italy directly with relevant experience and licences
  • Certification: The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • The company for sale has an accredited transporters membership
  • The company has experience in transportation

Information about this Italian transportation business

Feel free to contact us for details about this transportation business for sale in Italy. If you are looking for a company that provides transportation services in Italy it is good to contact us as we know other available business for sale in Italy. For more companies visit our website transportation companies for sale.

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