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Belgium transportation company for sale

Belgian transportation company for sale

  • Sales: > 7m Euro
  • Ebitda: >250k Euro
  • Location: Belgium, West Flanders
  • Employees: 60+
  • Reason for sale: Owner wants to retire and is looking for a strategic or financial partner to buy 100% of the shares and grow the business further

Profile (strategy) transportation company for sale in Belgium

This Belgium transportation business for sale started operating on the Belgian transport market a long time ago. The transport firm currently has an own fleet of over 60 trucks. The company is a medium sized Belgian road haulier situated in West Flanders. Her focus is on regional road transport. The company is in good financial health. The used property is sufficiently large and conveniently located. The Belgian transportation company is working directly for the end customers with little or no subcontracting. The clientele is largely recurring and diversified. The turnover is spread over a sufficient number of customers. The equity of the transportation company for sale in Belgium is above 1 million Euro. The current owners of the company will be made available for full assistance for a sufficient term to ensure continuity of the company after the business sale of the transportation company. The transportation company for sale is financially sound and the financial situation is healthy. All customer contracts are profitable. There is no material bank debt. The proposed transaction is a sale of all shares the transport company. The property, which is outside the company is, can be bought or rented for the long term.


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Activities and or products Belgium transportation company for sale

This Belgium transportation company for sale has an own warehouse (the property covers 20,000 sqm) with a storage capacity (4,500 sqm workshop). The warehouse can be rented at market conditions for the long-term or be bought. The vast majority of the rides is situated within a radius from 200 to 300 km around the plant. International long-distance transport is limited to a few regular customers. Temporary storage of goods is done. The company works mainly with Belgian drivers and has a workforce that is very stable. Management, planning and administration of the transportation company for sale in Belgium are carried out by a team of 5 full time equivalents including management.

Highlights transportation company for sale in Belgium

The owner of the transportation company wants to go in retirement. He leaves behind a company of good quality and many highlights. Here are some of the main highlights of the transportation company for sale in Belgium:

  • Customer base: the revenue is distributed over a wide customer base, many of which are recurrent. Further, this company has a diversified customer base
  • The real estate of the transportation company for sale in Belgium is spacious and well located
  • The staff is of a high quality (the rotation of drivers is low and most are from Belgium)
  • The company has access to the Northern French market where the margins are high

Information on transportation company for sale in Belgium

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Belgium transportation company for sale. For further transportation companies for sale please visit the section transportation companies for sale. If you are an owner of a forwarding or transportation company and you want to sell your business please visit the section transportation company buyers. If you want to list your transportation company for sale please get in touch with us.

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