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Translation company for sale in Western Europe

Company for sale

  • Sales of the translation company for sale: not disclosed
  • Location of the translation company for sale: Western Europe
  • Employees of the company for sale: >50
  • #CFIE TSC028
  • Reason for sale: the owners will sell in the future

Overview of translation company for sale

Company for sale is a translation company in Western Europe. The owners have decided that they will sell 100% share in the future, thus currently, they are looking for a strategic ad suitable buyer. The translation company for sale is active in a sustainable growing market with many opportunities for development.

Profile of the translation company in Western Europe for sale

The company for sale specializes in developing and commercialising language services for companies. The company has a history of 25 years in the translation business, since then the services they provide were broadened, as they started only with language courses, translations and interpreting services. 
The company has achieved the ISO 17100 certification for translation agencies and the Qfor label, which is aimed at training organizations. The company has an extensive network of collaborating translators, experienced in nearly all of the world’s languages.

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Activities and services of the translation company in Western Europe for sale 

The company offers its customers a broad range of translation services., such as:
  • Language courses
  • Language programmes
  • Language courses
  • Translations
  • Interpreting 
The company has its own online platform for their participants, language trainers and HR managers alike.
Translations are one of the main language services in the company portfolio, including:
  • translation
  • legalised translation
  • SEO copy
  • subtitling
  • dubbing
  • voice over
  • localisation
  • revision
  • copywriting

Highlights of the translation company in Western Europe for sale

  • The company will sell in the future, possibly in the next 5 years
  • The company has a lot of references from big clients
  • The company has more than 200 experienced translators in its network

Information of this translation company in Western Europe for sale 

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Western European translation company that will be open for a business sale in the future. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company