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Temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: medium
  • Location: Norway
  • Revenue: > 4 million EUR
  • Employees: +50
  • Asking price: >0,75 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a buyer (especially in Poland) or an investor to sell his shares in the recruitment company to take advantage of the synergies. 
  • #CFIE FLS001

Overview of this temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

The owner of the company specialized in supply specialized work personnel at the engineering level, is open to proposals from serious potential investors (especially in Poland) who want to take advantage of the synergies. The company for sale in Norway is active in staffing and recruitment. The staffing company for sale specializes in personnel for concrete construction projects where experience in special formwork is required. Furthermore, the company has also a long experience and good expertise in plumbing and supplies scaffolding installers for construction projects.

Profile (strategy) of this temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

The company for sale is a temporary staffing company in Scandinavia, oriented at helping with their personnel another specialized project. The company has been founded this decade in the south of Norway. The average yearly sales of the recent years amount to 4M Euro.

Although the company was founded recently, they participate in several prestigious projects in Norway and they have frame agreements with most of the biggest companies in Norway. Temporary workers can be used to directly improve competitiveness. The company has sold over 100000 working hours in 2019.

The Norwegian marked is counted to be very attractive. The government and companies invest big in infrastructure and industry, also they have a large offshore marked. The Euro is all-time high now against the Norwegian Krone which would be a good advantage for the buyer.

The owner is looking for a buyer or investor that can bring the company to the next level. In case such a buyer occurs, the owners are interested in listening proposals especially of polish investors because most of the workforce is based in Poland.

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Activities and products of this temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

The company is specialized in providing employment services to its customers. The sector of expertise provided by the company include:

  • Formwork, reinforcement and foundation work
  • Plumbing 
  • Scaffolding installers for construction 

The company delivers engineers in all disciplines, and has solid experience in staffing in all phases of projects from study to completion, like:


  • Design, planning, and engineering
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Commissioning, operation and decommissioning

Highlights of this temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

  • The business is focused on providing specialized in the area of construction temporary staffing services.
  •  The company has frame agreements with most of the biggest companies in Norway.
  • The company is profitable generates a positive EBITDA, but the owners think it can move even higher with a suitable investor.

Information about this temporary staffing company Scandinavia for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this temporary staffing company Scandinavia. If this business in Europe does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other companies for sale . We know the M&A market. If you are interested in buyers of companies in Europe, please visit the section companies wanted in Europe.

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