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Telecom provider for sale in Turkey

Telco Company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales: >10m Euro
  • Location: Turkey
  • Employees: <50
  • Reason for sale: Growth in cooperation with a larger partner to exploit the client base of this larger acquirer
  • CFIE-ITS092

Overview telecom provider

A Turkish value-added telco service provider (VAR) is looking for a larger buyer to grow the business together and bring it to the next level.

Profile Telco business for sale (strategy)

The business is a leader in Turkey in the field of value added telco related services. It provides services like Unified Communication, IP Telephony, Call and Contact Center Solutions. Further, it provides consulting solutions like the measurement of data and voice Quality and the analysis of call centers. The company thinks it can grow the business in cooperation with a larger partner much faster and is hence open to discuss a business sale.

Telecom products and services

This telecom related company provides services in the area of VOIP, Unified Communications and further telephony related services.

Highlights business for sale

If you are an international Telco (VAR) related company and want to establish a position in the fast growing Turkish telco industry we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:

  • High quality knowledge of telecom services gathered in international markets
  • Market entrance in the fast growing Turkish market
  • Cooperation with leading providers of world class telco products
  • Dynamic management with further growth potential

Information about this Turkish provider for sale

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