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Technical trading company for sale

Company profile

  • Revenue : 5,5m+ Euro, profitable
  • Staff: 25 employees
  • Reason for Sale: future retirement
  • Location: Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic. Excellent distribution network in Eastern European countries.
  • CFIE T014

Overview business for sale

The company was established in the sixties of the last century as a general agency for leading manufacturers from around the world to market process technology, industrial valves and metalworking products. Its main areas of focus have been the (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical food processing as well as the metal-working industry.

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The company has an excellent distribution network and good contacts to traders in fast growing countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries.


The products the company is trading are for example industrial valves, packaging and filling machines, testing and laboratory equipment, steel working machines and various tools.

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