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Swimming Pool manufacturer for sale

Company for sale in plastics

Swimming pool manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are below 10M Euro
  • The average EBITDA of the last years of the swimming pool manufacturer for sale is around 750K Euro
  • The location of the manufacturing company is Eastern Europe
  • The manufacturing company employs around 40 people
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to sell to a strategic buyer if a suited company approaches them. The company is not actively open for a sale but interested to listen to possible buyers.
  • CFIE PLS195
  • The asking price is above 6M Euro

Overview swimming pool manufacturer for sale

The factory for sale is a swimming pool manufacturer business in Eastern Europe. The company exists for more than a decade. The swimming pool manufacturer produces high quality swimming pools of various types. The company has new and modern machinery. Recently it has build a new hall for production. Now the production can be increased with 50% on a monthly basis. The annual turnover is around 8 million Euros and is growing. The manufacturer of swimming pools for sale has a wide range of technical equipment to produce high quality swimming pools. The swimming pools that are manufactured are distributed via dealers across the whole of Europe as well as globally. With a further investment by the new buyer and a growth of the dealer network the sales can be extended further. If you are a strategic buyer that knows the market well you are cordially invited to get in touch so we can see if this project is suited for you.

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Profile (strategy) of Swimming Pool manufacturer for sale

The owners of the Swimming Pool manufacturer located in Eastern Europe are open to sell to a strong strategic buyer or investor from the industry. The products manufactured are of a high quality and are made of fiberglass. The shell is supplemented with patented ceramic core and additional layers. In this way the products are resistant to the Central-European climate weather conditions. They also meet the aesthetic requirements of customers with high expectations.

Swimming Pool manufacturer products

Type of products the Swimming Pool manufacturing company for sale consist of:

  • Aesthetic Swimming Pools
  • Baby Swimming Pools
  • Yacht Swimming Pools
  • Luxury house Swimming Pools

Highlights Swimming Pool company for sale

The Swimming Pool manufacturer company for sale is an ideal target for a larger player in the industry that wants to extend it’s manufacturing base. The buyer can also be a company that is active in similar fields and that wants to enter the Swimming Pool manufacturing field. The Swimming Pool manufacturer company for sale has various highlights like:

  • Large growth opportunity (growing more than 10% a year)
  • New factory with new equipment and further room for growth of production volumes
  • The pools are protected against aggressive UV radiation, and suitable for salt water
  • Good distribution network to customers all over Europe.
  • Increasing demand for Swimming Pools globally

Information about this Swimming Pool manufacturer company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Swimming Pool manufacturer for sale. If this Swimming Pool manufacturer business for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other available manufacturing businesses for sale. For further manufacturing companies for sale please visit the section manufacturing companies for sale.