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Survey technology company for sale

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Company for sale

  • Sales: > 10 m Euro
  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: >50
  • Reason for sale: generation change/ strategic setup
  • Status: Owner testing the market for a possible future sale
  • #CFIE T244

Overview survey technology company for sale

The company was established many years ago with a focus on surveys. The owner is thinking about a possible business sale if he comes in contact with a suited and interested buyer. The company has high quality knowledge in the area of surveys. This knowledge ranges all across the areas of customer satisfaction as well as employee surveys. The knowledge has been build up during a large array of projects in many countries all across Europe. This knowledge ranges from cultural information, to IT and project management skills. If there is a larger company interested in getting into the area of survey technology this is an excellent opportunity. The buyer can get access to a very experienced team with global experience in survey technology. The services can be rolled out to a global client base of a suited buyer. This could be a very interesting opportunity for a global or European leader in the field of HR.
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Profile (strategy) of survey technology provider

The company possesses huge intellectual capital in the area of both employee surveys as well as customer satisfaction. The company has various offices located in a number of countries and employs more than 50 highly skilled employees. The company for sale has a global scope and conducts surveys all over the world. The customers are large to medium-sized enterprises and organisations. The strategy is to grow with the existing customers in serving and improving their customer satisfaction needs globally. The company also starts to become a brand via annual surveys it performs in specific fields.

Activities, products and services

The company open for a sale focuses on employee satisfaction surveys. It has build up great knowledge in the field of employee satisfaction. This knowledge about the well being of employees can be compared from year to year. The results give clients a good insight into the motivation of their employees. For each surveying project the company sets a clear scope together with an individual client and makes an action plan based on the outcome of the survey results.

In the area of customer satisfaction the company also has great knowledge and experience. Due to the many customer satisfaction surveys being done the survey technology company for sale can point the clients to various ways to improve customer satisfaction. Given the high competition between various brands this survey knowledge is of high importance to differentiate itself from the competition.


Highlights of the survey technology company for sale

The company has larger experience in the field of surveys across Europe. A buyer that wants to grow or extend a presence in the field of survey technology can benefit from this. Here are some highlights of this survey technology company for sale:
  • Long experience in the market
  • High quality of survey technology
  • Experienced team with many years of experience with surveys
  • Strong entry possible with a strategic partner into the global survey market
  • Opportunity to roll out the services to a global customer base of the buyer
  • Establish a presence across Europe

Further Information on this survey technology company

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this survey technology company that is open for a business sale. Fill out contact form on the right side (get in touch). For more ICT related companies for sale please visit ICT companies for sale.