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Special plastics manufacturer for sale

Company for sale in plastics

A specialty plastics and metal parts manufacturing company for sale

  • Sales of the specialty plastics company: >3m Euro
  • EBITDA: >0,2m Euro
  • Location of the company for sale: Eastern Europe
  • Employees: >100
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder are prepared to retire and would like to leave the company in good hands.
  • Status: Active sell side mandate (teaser and IM available)
  • #CFIE TNC 002

Overview of the specialty plastics manufacturer for sale

The specialty plastics and metal manufacturer produces structural parts made of special plastics combined with metal parts and their assembly. These components have a wide range of applications in different sectors especially in vehicles, machinery and various equipment. The parts are produced in small customised batches based on the customer needs. The company provides a complete service from design and development through production of moulds to the production of parts including their assembly.  The customers are mainly vehicle and machinery manufacturers. The company has an own facility of about 10.000 sq. m and has had a steady income and has been running without loans. The special plastics and metal parts manufacturer for sale is situated at a strategic location close to the highway. The company for sale has a relatively long history of providing full service products to their customers. This special plastics manufacturer is on sale as the owners are going to retire. For a smooth transfer, the owners are prepared to stay with the company for up to 5years when needed.

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Profile (strategy) of plastics and metal manufacturer for sale

Production in the Special plastics and metal manufacturer was commenced in the early nineties and more than 90% of their products go to about 14 customers, where up to 70% of the products go on export. The company is quite strong being among the biggest 5 in its industry. The strategy of the company for sale is to focus on specialty plastics and metal parts.

Activities and products (specialty plastics and metals)

The company focuses on the production of parts from special plastics and metals. These parts are used in vehicles, both commercial and passenger, trailers and machinery.
Highlights of the special plastics and metal manufacturer for sale
The company has high experience in the field of plastics and metal designing and manufacturing. A buyer that wants to extend its portfolio by a full service plastics and metal producer can benefit from this. Here are some highlights of this plastics and metal manufacturer for sale:
  • Acquiring of a complete full service producer of plastics and metal manufacturer – from design to production including transportation services
  • Stable customer portfolio
  • Facility of 15 ha
  • In its field the company has a unique combination of manufacturing technology
  • The specialty plastics company for sale meets the highest quality standards (certifications and customer audits)
  • Parts manufactured by this technology are applied in almost all sectors and have a limited competition from Asian imports
  • Complete performance starting from product development to its logistics
  • Stable key staff, long-time know-how
  • Long term stability, long-term profitability and financial health

Information on this special plastics and metal manufacturer for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about  manufacturer of plastics and metal design and manufacturer that is open for a business sale. Please visit the page plastics companies for sale.