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Spanish medical press company for sale

Medical press company for sale

  • Sales:4,6 m Euro
  • Location: Spain
  • Employees:25
  • Asking price:  1.8M Euro
  • Reason for sale: disinvestment.
  • #CFIE CGS0005

Overview medical press company

This Spanish pharmacological and medical press company bases its activity on developing projects for doctors, hospitals and pharmacists. It possesses a deep know-how of this sector which enables this company to make also consultancy and marketing in this area. The company has offices or representatives in the main capitals of the Iberian peninsula and Latin America: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Buenos Aires, Brasil, Bogotá y México D:F. We have to consider specially with this company its fabulous customers portfolio and the partnerships they have with medical and pharmacological associations.

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Profile (strategy) of Pharmacological and Medical press company

The company possesses a high level of experience in medical and pharmacological area. Its great relationship both with hospital and pharmacological companies, and its partnerships with the most important medical associations empowers them to work not only as an specialized medical press company but also as a consultancy and marketing for very specific medicaments and it is highlighted the making of strategic planification ( in oncologic field specially).

Activities, products and services

The company has these different product and services:
  • Medical Magazines
  • New tech: mobile applications, e-learning.
  • Audiovisual productions.
  • Learning: several sites on specific  items.
  • DELPHI methodology.
  • Publications
  • Work-shops
  • Video learning
  • Symposia

Highlights of the medical press company

The company has high experience in the field of  medical and  pharmacological products. A buyer that wants to grow or extend its presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America can benefit from this. Here are some highlights of this medical press company for sale:
  • High quality relationships and partnerships both with medical associations and pharmacological industry.
  • Strong entry possible with a strategic partner into Iberian peninsula and Latin America.
  • Very deep know how of hospital area.
  • Opportunity to expand the business and grow the profit
  • Different options: selling, joint venture, etc …

Information on this medical press company

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Spanish Medical and Pharmacological Company  that is open for a business sale. Fill out the contact form on the right top side of the page if you are interested in an acquisition of this company (get in touch).

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