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Soybean distributor France for sale

Soybean distributor France for sale

  • Sales: >€8m revenue
  • Location: Europe, France
  • >400K Euro Profit (5% profit margin)
  • Asking price: Around €2m
  • Employees: >15
  • Reason for sale: Other plans of the owner

Overview of Soybean distribution Company for sale

The French company for sale is a leader in European soybean market and expanding toward Asia. The company ships soybeans across Europe and Asia. The shipments are fully managed by the distribution and import/export company mostly via trucks or sea containers. All Soya beans are GMO-free (no genetically modified organisms), and packaged in bulk, big bags or smaller bags.


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Profile (strategy) of Soybean distribution company for sale

The French distributor of soya beans supervises farmers in the soybean crop, buys their production and sell it to companies from the "soybean" market. The French company sets off to conquer the Asian market, where the product is highly demanded, and continues the development of its own seed. The company will invest in a line of automatic packaging bags 25 to 30 tons.

Activities and products of this Soybean distribution company for sale 

Company main products include: 
  • Raw Soya
  • Packaging and delivery services
The company for sale has an end to end process to deliver the best products to always meet its clients expectations.

  • Planting: the company is able to live view crop yield estimates and quality. In order to ensure the compliance with quality standards, the company carry out internal audits over the full production process from seeding to harvesting. Moreover, the company developed a website to inform producers of soybean about news and best practices in GMO-Free soybean production.
  • Quality: Food Sortering, HACCP & Controls, research and innovations.
  • Storage: Soybeans are always ready to be shipped 365 days / year, The company stores soybeans in different storages, the company ensure a regular control and a good ventilation for an optimal storage of soybean, Packaging: 30 tons bulk for truck;20” for container, BIG BAG PP:1 ton with the ID label, Paper bag 25 kg with barcode identification sheet
  • Delivery: A suitable delivery service to satisfy clients demands, regularity and flexibility. HACCP system marks progress everyday. 

Highlights of the France-based soybean distribution company for sale 

This company is a real opportunity if you’re looking to invest in a growing company leader in Europe with a current profit margin of 5%

Benefits of buying this company: 

  • Leader in Europe and expanding to Asia
  • European Soybean production is growing
  • Market Premium for non-gmo products
  • Online platform for farmers to get informed about industry news and exchange best practices
  • Create synergies if you already own assets in the same value chain as the company for sale
  • France is a safe economy with a low country risk premium 

Information about this soybean distribution company for sale

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